Tommy is easy to work with and gets results fast.

I went to my local Infiniti dealer with a set price on my mind that I was not going to budge on and I got it. I was shocked thinking I had negotiated a great deal. I went home that night, told a friend I was buying a new car, he said “just call this guy Tommy and see what he says”. I figured no way, I just got a really good deal. Well, I told Tommy the car I wanted, with all the specs and colors and such. Sure enough Tommy saved me a total $5850 and negotiated a better interest rate. I had the car in my driveway a few days later. Unreal!!! Tommy is easy to work with and gets results fast. I was really impressed. For someone like me that hates the whole car buying process Tommy made it easy and satisfying. The next time I walk into a car dealership will be for test driving and amusement. Thanks again Tommy.

Thomas Vassel of Westbury, NY
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