The dealership management was not happy about this deal.

I heard about Tommy Taylor and Inside Car Buying from several friends that have used his car buying services. I bought Tommy’s DIY Reports (3 for $181) in December 2012 and used them to negotiate a purchase of a Mercedes Benz E-Class and it worked out great. Just a few weeks ago, I was shopping for another new car for my Fiancée, so I automatically contacted Tommy for additional DIY Reports. I was looking at the BMW 335IS.

Armed with the DIY Report, I contacted my friend, a car salesman, who works in a BMW dealership in lower Westchester. I was told over the phone that because we were “like family”, I would get the price I requested. I was asking for a Zero down lease plan. My friend agreed, and when I went to the dealership suddenly there were out of pocket charges (tax, title, registrations fees). I was told that “BMW doesn’t ever have lease agreements with zero down.” I felt lied to!

I decided to bluff them and used the DIY Report to put pressure on the Sales Manger to make the deal or I would take my business elsewhere. I ended up with all the upgrades I wanted, paying for less than a bare bones model, and no money down! The dealership management was not happy about this deal.

These two experiences have convinced me that I will use Tommy’s DIY Reports for every car that I buy going forward. I consider it “insurance” to get the best deal. I educated myself using the DIY Report and it proved that the “deal” a car salesman quotes you, has an incredible amount of padding that you can work with. I know so much more about the car sales industry now that I have been working with Tommy. Do yourself a favor and call Tommy and know what “price range” you are working in before you start car shopping.

Chris Cofresi, Westchester County, NY
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