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Not sure how he does it, but you should use him too.

Tommy Taylor and Inside Car Buying strike again. Looking for a new car for the wife. Dealership comes in at $547/month with $2200 down. Next day when they call, I tell them no thanks cause I work with someone that negotiates my deals. They send me an email saying they can now do the deal for $475/mth with $2200 down. So they came down $72/mth in one day. My final price I paid for same car through Tommy? $404/mth with $1700 down. Not sure how he does it, but you should use him too.

George Tapinekis of Mount Vernon, NY
Painless!! Thanks so much.

I want to thank you for negotiating the lease on my new car. I lease a new car every three years, so you’d think I’d be pretty good at it by now. But the truth is, I always dread the whole, unpleasant process and end up saying “Yes” to too many things – just to get it over with. Now that I have you on my radar, I’ll never do it by myself again. This experience allowed me to be excited about getting my new car rather than fretting over whether I was getting a good deal. Painless!! Thanks so much.

Anita Rosner of Eastchester, NY
We saved money that we wouldn’t have saved otherwise.

Working with Tommy proved to be the best decision we could have made in leasing a new car. The process was infinitely smoother and easier than last time and we saved money that we wouldn’t have saved otherwise. What more could we ask for? The process was absolutely perfect!! Thank you so much for turning a process that I was dreading into something effortless!

Melani Bolyai of Brooklyn, NY
I have since told anyone who would listen about this experience.

I originally received a quote from a local dealership before calling Tom at, not only did Tom beat the deal by $105, he was able to get an additional $12 off the monthly payment even after the price was already negotiated. Ironically the extra $12 per month is almost exactly the same as the $499 payment, as a result, not only did I save the $105, but essentially Tom paid for himself with the extra $12 that he got taken off the car, for a total savings of $117 per month. Tom walked me through the processes, changed my insurance information, and even came with me to the dealership for additional support. I have since told anyone who would listen about this experience, and I can’t wait to get my next car. Thanks for all your help Tom!

Tim Keator of Park Ridge, NJ
They were able to save me real dollars and most of all my time.

The service that Inside Car Buying provided me was outstanding with their attention to detail and responsiveness. They were able to save me real dollars and most of all my time. I would recommend anyone in the market for a car or truck to them. Thanks again.

Scott Bogetti of Bronxville, NY
So why would I want to pay someone to negotiate my car instead of putting that money towards the down payment?

Well, I am glad I did. I financed my car and ICB negotiated a price $6,500 better than the price I was able to find at various dealerships. Plus, the car arrived two months sooner than any other dealer could get the 2012 model. Need more? ICB negotiated the over mileage bill from my previous lease from $7000 down to $4800. A great experience overall.

George Tapinekis of Mount Vernon, NY
The deal I got was beyond my expectations

It was an absolute pleasure working with you. From beginning to end, you were professional, timely and extremely knowledgeable about the vehicle, specs and options. More importantly, the deal I got was beyond my expectations.

I went to several dealers on my own and the offers didn’t even come close to your deal. I thought I would never get the car I wanted. I have purchased many a car in my day, and always walked away wondering if I got a good deal. It has never gone this smoothly. It was like putting in an order and getting exactly what I wanted, at the price I wanted. All I needed to do was go pick it up.

Bill Donnelly of Orange County, NY
He explained how I was getting ripped off and how much money I could save…

After countless hours in numerous dealerships I was about to give in to a lease that I thought I was getting a “good deal” on. As fate would have it I was referred to Tommy Taylor at Inside Car Buying by a friend just in time. Talking to Tommy for only a moment he explained how I was getting ripped off and how much money I could save by using his services. The dealership had quoted me at $740 a month with $0 down and no options as well as a 2 month wait for the exact model I wanted. Tommy got me a deal of $581 a month with $0 down just about fully loaded with no wait. I didn’t even have to talk to or see a dealer until the deal was already made and I picked up my new car. Don’t even think of buying a new car until your think of Tommy Taylor and Inside Car Buying.

Ryan Selby of Yonkers, NY
Very knowledgeable and caring….and will go that extra mile

Over the past three months I have been car shopping and dealing with different dealers. The vehicle that I was interested in was the new 2011 Mercedes Benz GLK 350. I did not want just any ordinary Mercedes GLK 350, but I wanted one that would fit my needs, style, color, accessories and for the right price. After consulting with sales personnel at multiple dealers, not one had the courtesy to sit down with me and ask me the way I wanted the vehicle, nor meet any of the prices that could afford. I was referred to Inside Car Buying by a family member, who has been dealing with Tom Taylor for a long time. Tommy is very knowledgeable and caring about his work. He is also very personable and will go that extra mile to assure that his clients are beyond satisfied. I had a great and wonderful experience dealing with Tommy. He has been very helpful and took the time to help me find the vehicle that I wanted. Tommy, I just have to say Thank You for your work, keep it up and thanks for my beautiful Mercedes GLK 350.

Frank Provenzale of Scarsdale, NY
It was truly an outstanding experience.

I used the Inside Car Buying “Hire the Expert” service to get the best price on my new 2010 Mercedes Benz C300 4-matic. After I received their quote I checked it against two other dealers. The first dealer was $87 higher per month on the lease with an additional $1,100 out of pocket. The second dealer told me if I had a deal like the one I was offered by Inside Car Buying I should take it right away. That is exactly what I did! Inside Car Buying handled the transaction from A-Z. It was truly an outstanding experience. I will definitely refer anyone I know looking to get a new car.

J. Toneatto of New Rochelle, NY
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