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Thomas delivers exactly what he promises

Thomas delivers exactly what he promises, a new car at an amazing price. I had been negotiating with two different dealers and got to my best price. Thomas cut my monthly lease payment by 10% over the best offer I could get. Fantastic service!

R. Neustadt of Scarsdale, NY
Thanks so much for the power of the DIY report.

Thanks so much for the power of the DIY report. With it, I was able to negotiate down the original “best offer” from the dealer by over $2,130. Not bad for a $95 investment! Wish my stock investments were that good! The report gave me the knowledge and the confidence to know what the right price was and insured that I would not be taken advantage of.

David B. of Scarsdale, NY
Your service is worth every penny

Just wanted to close the loop and tell you that your service is worth every penny. The information you provided gave me the confidence to go into the dealership, name my price and strike a fair deal with the dealer. I will certainly recommend your service to my friends and colleagues.

Jeffrey L. of Alexandria, VA
The dealership management was not happy about this deal.

I heard about Tommy Taylor and Inside Car Buying from several friends that have used his car buying services. I bought Tommy’s DIY Reports (3 for $181) in December 2012 and used them to negotiate a purchase of a Mercedes Benz E-Class and it worked out great. Just a few weeks ago, I was shopping for another new car for my Fiancée, so I automatically contacted Tommy for additional DIY Reports. I was looking at the BMW 335IS.

Armed with the DIY Report, I contacted my friend, a car salesman, who works in a BMW dealership in lower Westchester. I was told over the phone that because we were “like family”, I would get the price I requested. I was asking for a Zero down lease plan. My friend agreed, and when I went to the dealership suddenly there were out of pocket charges (tax, title, registrations fees). I was told that “BMW doesn’t ever have lease agreements with zero down.” I felt lied to!

I decided to bluff them and used the DIY Report to put pressure on the Sales Manger to make the deal or I would take my business elsewhere. I ended up with all the upgrades I wanted, paying for less than a bare bones model, and no money down! The dealership management was not happy about this deal.

These two experiences have convinced me that I will use Tommy’s DIY Reports for every car that I buy going forward. I consider it “insurance” to get the best deal. I educated myself using the DIY Report and it proved that the “deal” a car salesman quotes you, has an incredible amount of padding that you can work with. I know so much more about the car sales industry now that I have been working with Tommy. Do yourself a favor and call Tommy and know what “price range” you are working in before you start car shopping.

Chris Cofresi, Westchester County, NY
I was able to get my car (Equinox) at the price you gave me, saving me a lot of money.

I wanted to thank you for the excellent work you did for me. I was able to get my car (Equinox) at the price you gave me, saving me a lot of money.

I will recommend your services (DIY Dealer Report) to anyone that I know that is looking for a car.

Thank you again.

Jose Maranon of New York, NY
Saves you time, money and sanity.

This is the only way to shop for a car and win! Tommy saves you time, money and sanity. He worked quickly and efficiently. We picked up our new car within a week. Thank you Tommy I have already passed along your information to friends.

Eric N. of Port Washington, NY
His service fee paid for itself about 6 times over

I have never been a fan of car dealerships. Buying a car through a dealer is never a pleasant experience. You never know if you’re ever truly getting the best price and there always seems to be hidden costs that come up at the end. Working with Tommy at Inside Car Buying made this process very simple. After calling a few dealerships and asking them to quote me their best price on a 2013 Honda Accord EX-L I was told that the best that they could do was $350 per month. I then called Tommy and told him what I was looking for and two days later he got me the car I wanted for $270 per month. Tommy saved me $2,880 over the 36 month lease and his service fee paid for itself about 6 times over again. Tommy made an appointment for me to pick up the car the next day and I was in and out of the dealership in less than 30 mins. I highly recommend Tommy and his service and I will never buy a car any other way.

Brian Safchik of Ardsley, NY
Tom’s price beat all the local dealers.

Tom Taylor provided a fast, courteous, efficient and professional service. I was in the market for a 2013 BMW 5 series. Tom’s price beat all the local dealers and from my end the process was stress free. I would not hesitate to recommend Tom to all my family and friends. I look forward of using Tom’s service in the future. Well done Tom.

Catalin S. of Hillsdale, NJ
He was able to secure a lease that I don’t think could be beat.

Time = Money. Tommy made the process of negotiating a lease on a new car easier than I could ever imagine. If you are one that values your time, then Tommy is your guy. Not only did he save me countless hours of finding and negotiating a deal; he was able to secure a lease that I don’t think could be beat. He has my strong recommendation for anyone looking for a new car and doesn’t have the patience to negotiate the best deal.

Sinclair Li of Manhattan, NY
Don’t be like everyone else and pay more…

After tedious tries to get into another lease, I was referred to Tommy Taylor of Inside Car Buying to get the best price on a new lease. It took him only 2 hours to find the exact car I wanted at the exact monthly price and down payment I was willing to pay. It was a great car buying experience and I would highly recommend his services. He saved me over $3000 on a down payment and took off over $75 on my monthly payments. I will be using Tommy again at the end of this lease. Don’t be like everyone else and pay more when you could save thousands especially in these economic times. Thanks.

Joshua Shapiro of Mount Vernon, NY