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Tommy’s $499 Expert Negotiator fee was nothing and I would pay him double for what he did!

I just picked up my 2013 GL550 Mercedes SUV this past week. I am so thrilled; it’s a great car. Tommy saved me a ton of money compared to my last car lease. That was my first Mercedes and the dealer took advantage of my inexperience. This time, with Tommy’s help, I put down a third of the previous down payment and I got a car that is worth more ($20,000+ MSRP in value!) Fully loaded and paying less!

I was referred to Tommy by an associate that has used his car buying service several times. Tommy spent time, patiently breaking down the process and the costs. He explained that there was two ways he could be of service. One was for me to purchase a DIY report or his $499 full service Expert Negotiator Service. I was so angry to learn how much I was ripped off last time, I signed up with him to do the entire deal. I just wanted to show up to pick up the car. That is exactly what I did. It saved me money, time and was stress free! (Tommy’s $499 Expert Negotiator fee was nothing and I would pay him double for what he did!)

Tommy cares about his customers and he went the extra mile for me. I left my ipad in my old SUV, when I turned it in. Tommy went to the dealership and retrieved it for me. Tommy is a great guy! I would and will recommend him 100% and give him a 5 star rating. Don’t be concerned that this is too good to be true, it is true!

Sal P. of Westchester County, NY
This service is worth every cent

Inside Car Buying is the ultimate car buying company. Tommy took all the hard work out of car buying. His ability to find the best deals is amazing. Not only did he lower the quote that I provided him on the 2011 Infiniti G37X I wanted, he also managed to get me an upgraded car. I cannot thank you enough for the professional way that you handled my purchase. Tommy managed to work out all the kinks in my deal and stayed with me until the very end of the process. Tommy has a way of making you believe as if it was his money he was spending and not yours. You would be foolish not to have Inside Car Buying help you with your next car purchase. This service is worth every cent.

Joshua Brand of Tuckahoe, NY
The deal I got was beyond my expectations

It was an absolute pleasure working with you. From beginning to end, you were professional, timely and extremely knowledgeable about the vehicle, specs and options. More importantly, the deal I got was beyond my expectations.

I went to several dealers on my own and the offers didn’t even come close to your deal. I thought I would never get the car I wanted. I have purchased many a car in my day, and always walked away wondering if I got a good deal. It has never gone this smoothly. It was like putting in an order and getting exactly what I wanted, at the price I wanted. All I needed to do was go pick it up.

Bill Donnelly of Orange County, NY
You will be highly recommended to all our friends.

Thanks again for all you did in finding the BMW that we wanted. We really appreciated your help, expertise and punctual respond to all our questions. I know that in our dinner conversations you will be highly recommended to all our friends. Thanks again, we will keep in touch.

Albert & Nancy Francescone of Yonkers, NY
Tommy went out of his way to help me through the process.

I’m the type of person that HATES the “car buying process.” To me it’s a hassle and I get turned off by the sleazy car salesmen. But then I found out about Tommy at Inside Car Buying. My sister and her husband had dealt with him a week earlier and he had saved them 6 grand. I figured I’d give him a shot and boy was I happy that I did. Tommy went out of his way to help me through the process. He was honest and straightforward with me. The guy works HARD for the common working man and helps save us from the greedy dealerships. All in all his services saved me close to $5000 and I couldn’t be happier with my new truck. The entire process was simple and fun.

Paul Robibero of Ardsley, NY
Inside Car Buying is an ingenious and money saving solution.

I just wanted to thank you for all the time and money you saved me. Inside Car Buying is an ingenious and money saving solution to buying a new car. The vehicle I wanted was well out of my price range until I contacted Inside Car Buying. Within 24 hours, Tommy had the 2011 Cadillac Escalade I wanted at the price I was looking for. I saved a considerable amount of time and money using this process. It was well worth it and I would recommend contacting Inside Car Buying immediately if you are in the market for a new vehicle.

L. Mancuso of Bronx, NY
He was able to secure a lease that I don’t think could be beat.

Time = Money. Tommy made the process of negotiating a lease on a new car easier than I could ever imagine. If you are one that values your time, then Tommy is your guy. Not only did he save me countless hours of finding and negotiating a deal; he was able to secure a lease that I don’t think could be beat. He has my strong recommendation for anyone looking for a new car and doesn’t have the patience to negotiate the best deal.

Sinclair Li of Manhattan, NY
Using a car negotiator was a smart move.

Inside Car Buying and Thomas, saved me $7,000.00! I will never again buy another car any other way….

After weeks of due diligence and working dealers all over California, I thought I had negotiated a good price. I called Inside Car Buying on a Saturday afternoon, by Monday morning he had $7000.00 off the lowest price I received on my own. It was from the dealer I bought my current car from and requested to deal with again! Inside Car Buying is the real deal!

The Lexus dealer that delivered my new GX460 said “using a car negotiator was a smart move.”

Thanks again. I have given your name to some people already and am telling everyone what a good experience I had buying a car through you. I really appreciate your expertise.

Susan Travis of Atascadero, CA
This is how car buying should be.

I wholeheartedly recommend Tommy Taylor and Inside Car Buying. This was my sixth auto purchase and it was by far the best experience. Previously, I would spend days researching and up to 8 hours negotiating at a dealership. With Tommy’s help I had the best possible deal negotiated before I set foot on the lot, there was no pressure with managers, and we were driving home in an hour in our new car. This is how car buying should be.

Larry Levine of Studio City, CA
I wish I had known about Inside Car Buying in the past.

Getting my new 2013 Honda Accord via Inside Car Buying was the easiest and pleasant process. In the past having to go to the different dealers and trying to get the best deal, having to put up with the pressure of the salesperson that tells you,”Well this great price is good only if you sign the deal today”, was only a waste of time. When my brother in law told me about Inside Car Buying, I said OK, and the fee that I was charged for the service is well worth it. The staff makes sure that everything is done right and most important they get the best possible deal that is available, so from now on I will only buy/lease via Inside Car Buying. I wish I had known about Inside Car Buying in the past. Thank you InsideCarBuying…

Emanuela Spataro of Brooklyn, NY
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