Getting Started: Hire the Expert

Thanks for purchasing our Hire the Expert Negotiator service!

Here is what we need to get started: Please Complete All Steps

  1. Download the  Inside Car Buying Contract,  Credit Application  and POA Form.
  2. Fill out all the above forms and email them to ( or fax (1-888-246-1697) back to us along with…
  3. Clear copy of your license front & back.
  4. Copy of your current registration (I need the part with your name on it) if you wish to transfer plates.
  5. Name and phone number of your insurance broker.
  6. Please go to the manufacturer’s website of your choice and build the exact car you’re looking for using their online tools.
  7. Print out your online car specification and send it to me as well, this way I know you haven’t overlooked any important options.

Cash or Finance Purchases

Please let me know if you’re looking to pay cash or finance for your new car. If you’re going to finance, what term are you looking for and how much do you want to put down, if anything?


If you would like to lease this new car, how many miles per year? What do you want to pay out of pocket — 1st month, bank fee and registration? Or 1st month, bank fee, registration and tax? Or just give me a dollar amount ($1,000, $1,500, $2,000, etc.). When I hear zero down it means literally not a dollar out of your pocket.

Deposits for Cash, Finance and Leases

Even if you paid online I still need your credit card information on the contract so when I find the right deal I can leave the dealer a deposit and set up delivery.

Please be sure to review our guarantee.

I’m sure you’ll love the process and the pricing as all my customers do.

Call me with any questions,

Thomas Taylor
Inside Car Buying LLC
(P) 914-224-7176
(F) 1-888-246-1697

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