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Save time and money by hiring an expert negotiator to get the absolute lowest price possible on your new car — guaranteed!

If you can find a better deal, according to our guarantee, we will refund the service fee in full!

*Prior to purchasing this service, visit the Manufacturer’s website and Build the Car you are hiring us for so we have the exact car and options wanted and to determine the hiring fee you will be charged. If there are any adjustments to the MSRP of the vehicle chosen, the fee amount will be adjusted accordingly.

It’s simple — we take care of all the details! No hassles, only the best price possible for any new make or model car. You show up at the dealership where we negotiated the deal, sign the lease contract or purchase contract, get a full demonstration of your new car and drive home!

If you can find a better deal, according to our guarantee, we will refund the service fee in full!

Average Savings:

On average, customers save an additional $4,219.00.

Our service will pay for itself many times over — we money-back guarantee it!

Read the full terms of our Money-back Guarantee.

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All Hybrid Makes & Models – $999, MSRP of $39,999 and below  – $499, MSRP Between – $40,000 – $49,999 – $599, MSRP Between – $50,000 – $59,999 – $699, MSRP Between – $60,000 – $69,999 – $799, MSRP Between – $70,000 – $79,999 – $899, MSRP Between – $80,000 – $89,999 – $999, MSRP Between – $90,000 – $99,999 – $1,099, MSRP Between – $100,000 – $124,999 – $1299, MSRP Above – $125,000 – $1,500

87 reviews for Hire the Expert Negotiator

  1. Paul Morris

    Great car buying experience! I received a far better price than I could have possibly gotten on my own, with none of the time, hassle or inconvenience I usually have to endure. I will definitely recommend your service to others.

  2. Chris Morris

    “Tommy Taylor of Insider Car Buying made leasing a new car as quick and easy as it could possibly be. I went from paying $542 a month for a 2011 to paying $448 for a 2013 (same make and model with nothing down in both cases). Not only that, he got me out of my old lease with four months left. For the added touch, he arranged to have the car delivered and took the old car away himself. It could not have been more convenient.”

  3. Michael Lanza

    Tom, the 335 is unbelievable and I am literally shocked at how easy the process was. I was expecting to arrive and still expecting the usual dealer games, but to my surprise there were no hiccups at all. I was in and out in under an hour. Considering a few weeks ago I spent 5 painful hours at a dealership helping my grandparents lease a new Acura, this was truly incredible! Thank you so much, I will be sending a lot of business your way. And I will be sending people much easier to deal with than myself!

  4. Carl C

    Tommy’s service is bar none top of the line for what people need. Not only does his service provide exactly what I wanted, he’s a good person all around to deal with. Nothing complicated either which I liked. He has a gift for this and I’d never deal with another car dealer again. It was a pleasure.

  5. Roger N. (verified owner)

    Thomas delivers exactly what he promises, a new car at an amazing price. I had been negotiating with two different dealers and got to my best price. Thomas cut my monthly lease payment by 10% over the best offer I could get. Fantastic service!

  6. Anthony

    I have always considered myself as a savvy shopper and good negotiator. I have been buying cars for over 20 years but this time around I decided to give Tommy a try in getting me a better price on the new 2014 Ford Explorer. Two of my friends recommended Tommy and I figured what do I have to lose, he has a money back guarantee. I had shopped around to 4 dealers, I couldn’t either get the color I wanted or the price was too inconsistent from dealer to dealer. In 48 hours Tommy found me the color I wanted, a truck with more options than I requested, saved me from putting the $2700.00 down the dealer wanted, and saved me an additional
    $1,224.00 on the lease payments. Would I use or recommend Tommy again….. Absolutly!!!!!!

    Anthony from Eastchester, NY

  7. Aaron

    I found Inside Car Buying from a friend who had purchased a couple cars from Tom. After ordering a couple Dealer Reports on cars I was looking at and visiting a few dealers for a new car lease, I couldn’t find any that would get within $50/month or so of the prices in the report. I even had one salesman, who I liked, tell me about a car he had in stock, “these numbers look right, my finance manager is just not letting me do the deal.” Of course, after I left, he called and said they had reworked the numbers, but I wasn’t confident they wouldn’t try to hide that money somewhere else, and they still weren’t close to Tom’s report.

    Eventually after visiting a few dealers and calling others, I decided to just let Tom do the negotiating for me. I was exhausted from the ordeal and time was running out in our need for a new car. I printed out the car I wanted and gave it to Tom and within a couple days, he found the car I wanted at a dealer a short train ride away at an amazing price I know I couldn’t have gotten myself.

    When I went to pick the car up, I was in and out of the dealer in 30 minutes, and when I got home and emailed Tom to thank him and asked him a question about my initial deposit, he called me back and said the dealer tried to get an extra monthly payment out of me, but that he had called them and they would be refunding me the overcharge.

    Sure enough, the refund appeared on my Amex this morning.

    I hope Tom offers this service for a long time, because the only reason I’m stepping foot in a dealership now is either for warranty service or to test drive a new car.

    Thanks again, Tom!!

  8. Jeremy

    Tommy was unbelievable. I had called around to five dealers myself prior to calling tommy and had gotten what I thought was the best price. I called tommy upon a friends recommendation and he laughed at my price. He ended up getting it for me $2,500 cheaper on a $47k total purchase price. It was also hassle free, which in itself is worth his $500 charge. I have already recommended him to a number of friends and my parents! For sure at least spend the $99 to see what he can save you.

  9. Jeff

    This was absolutely the best car shopping “experience” I’ve ever had. I gave Thomas a list of options and he delivered as promised. I was handed the keys and out of the dealership in less than 10 minutes.

    There was no haggling, no back and forth with the sales manager, no discussion with the finance manager… Thomas did it all for me. That was well worth the $499! And getting a great deal was just a sweet bonus.

  10. Lou M.

    I went to the Cadillac dealer to just look, being I had 6 months left on my Escalade. I sat down with a salesman to inquire about prices for a new XTS. I told him where I wanted to be for the car and he laughed at me. His first price he quoted, which he said was “the bottom number not to waste time”, ended up being 1000 out of pocket and 742 per month. I of course laughed right back at him. We walked through the lot to check the inventory and it turned out the exact car I wanted was in stock. The salesman went back inside to work out numbers to possibly save me more money, being the car was there and didn’t have to locate it. I told him to make the payment 650 per month and ill take it. He laughed again and said there’s absolutely no way. I immediately called Tommy and told him the situation. Within 5 minutes he called me back with a deal. He actually got me a better deal then I expected, and I didn’t believe it at first.
    To sum up the deal, Tommy got me out of my Escalade lease 6 months early, got me a payment of $600 per month and I didn’t have to give a dollar down. The car salesman himself asked, “How did you do that?”
    Tommy is very educated in this business and extremely good at what he does. I recommend all my friends to him and every person ends up using his services. Never buy another car without calling Tommy first. Thanks again pal…..

  11. scschmitz15@gmail.com

    Using Tommy’s services was a no brainer for me. After hearing from friends about the deals he got them on their Infiniti’s and Mini’s I was sure he could be off assistance when I was looking for a new Honda. After paying for the service, Tommy called me within half an hour and actually picked me up and took me to a dealership to browse (which is not his normal procedure from my understanding) After deciding what I wanted, Tommy negotiated a deal within 20 minutes and the car was prepped and ready for the next day. Pickup was a breeze as I just had to sign some documents and I was on my way. I ended up getting the car for LESS than their advertised monthly price but mine included increased mileage from 10,000 to 15,000 per year (which is normally about $15 extra) and all taxes/dmv fees were rolled in. I think my savings paid for his services at least three times over and I will continue to refer anyone I know to him and I cant wait to use him again when this lease is up.

  12. Russell Wayne

    “Unless you’re planning to buy a 30-year-old jalopy, you should have your head examined if you don’t hire Tommy to make a deal for you. I did and it was one of the smartest things I did this year.
    In early August, I visited my local BMW dealer to talk about a deal on a 2014 BMW 535d (diesel). The dealer went through the numbers and told me that the monthly payment would be at least $800. So I contacted Tommy who got back to me within one day at $667. After hearing from Tommy, I checked back with the dealer, who insisted that the deal couldn’t possibly be correct, saying that either the full list of equipment wouldn’t be provided or that inappropriate incentives had been applied.
    Fast forward to the end of September, the car came in exactly as ordered and on time. There were no surprises, I spent very little time on the phone with Tommy, every part of the process was flawless, and I saved a bundle.”

  13. Aaron R. (verified owner)

    This was the best car buying experience I have ever had. I will never lease a car for myself or my wife again without using Tommy. He was able to get me a great lease deal while getting the dealership to take my car back early with some damages. The new car was delivered to my driveway and they drove off with my old car. Tommy is a consummate professional and I highly recommend his services.

  14. Erin Baker

    Bye bye minivan….you treated us well for 3 years but we are moving on. A big thanks to Tommy at Inside Car Buying for helping us out. Negotiated our trade in ($2500 more than blue book value) and $100 savings per month on car payment– saved us $6100 on the deal. This is why we hire you over and over again.

  15. John Sirabella

    I must admit that I was a little skeptical about Tommy’s service. However after spending over 10 hours visiting 4 different dealerships and getting prices that were ridiculous I was worn out. So I reluctantly signed up for “Hire the Expert”. My only regret is that I didn’t sign up for it sooner. I could have saved myself a lot of time. I don’t care how good of negotiator someone thinks that they are but they will definitely get a better deal through Tommy. Tommy is a wealth of knowledge and made the entire process much easier. The service pays for itself and a much more. I basically showed up at the dealer, signed a few forms and drove off with the car. Everything else was done by Tommy. Dealers are very good at making you believe that they are giving you a great deal. They show you numbers that indicate that they are making very little profit. The truth is that there are things that the average person does not know and that is where Tommy comes in. He knows the industry and is shows. The cost of his service is very small considering the amount of money you will save. With a money back guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  16. Allen Rochkind

    I just finished a terrific car buying experience with Tommy!. He saved me at least $2000 and saved me from purchasing very expensive add-ons promoted by the dealer at the signing of the final papers. He takes care of all of the details like the insurance contacts and the paperwork. I had previously been reluctant to confront this negotiation process with a dealer, but now I have no more worries. I am totally happy with my new car. Even though I shall probably have this car for a long while, if ever I need to buy another one, I now know where to go.

  17. stephmcfadden@verizon.net

    Tommy just made my life so much easier by handling everything for me on my new lease and saving me a good deal of money, as well. I thought I did enough research to get the best price out of dealers but, after this, I would not consider buying or leasing a new car again without going through him. He also sold my previously leased car, made me a profit, and voided the turn-in fee. Picking up the new car involved showing up, signing paperwork and driving off – the dealer tried to add a few charges that sounded suspicious,but I reached Tommy on the phone immediately and confirmed that they were not in our agreement. I am a very pleased customer!

  18. Liz

    Tommy did a great job finding me a new car to lease. I negotiated at dealerships a few times for hours, and could not find a good deal! I decided to call Tommy and he found me the best deal in a couple days. He did all the work and I just went to the dealership to sign and drive away my new car. He made the whole process fast and easy. I recommend his service and will do it again for my next car. You definitely make back and more the money you pay him.

  19. jreis1974@aol.com (verified owner)

    Best car buying experience ever! If you want to buy/lease a car without wasting any of your time in dealerships, Tom is your man! The best part is that he is able to work the best deal around for the car you want. When I picked up my car the Finance Manager was amazed at the deal. Tom is very professional and communicates with you throughout the process. Best money I ever spent. I will be recommending Tom to my family and friends.

    J.R Yorktown Heights, NY

  20. Charlie

    Tommy is a master at his craft. Not sure how he gets the prices so low. I tried on my own and couldn’t even come within $50 per month. Best experience I have had in purchasing a new vehicle. I highly recommend his service – all you have to do is go to pick the car up. Guaranteed to save you money!

  21. Alex Wechsler

    Please include me on your list of very satisfied customers.

    We picked-up our car as planned, good service and enjoy driving it!

    Many thanks and stay in touch!

  22. Pedro Falconi

    My girlfriend and I were referred to Tommy by one of our good friend who got a great deal on his car. Tommy found us a great deal within 24 hours and we were able to pick up our brand new Audi the next day. He was able to save us over $2,000 from what our initial dealership quoted us and got our 1st month’s payment paid for! He walked us through the process and listened to what we wanted.

    This was the best time I’ve ever had buying a car. I really couldn’t believe how easy and simple this was. Thanks again!

  23. Thomas Fremont (verified owner)

    As Opening Day for baseball is in full stride around the country, it only seems appropriate that as a fan you look towards the new season and look back with fond appreciation of your team’s past glories. You recollect all of the rare occurrences in your favorite games – hitting two grand slams in one inning, an unassisted triple play, etc. You don’t see these pleasantly freakish happy moments every day. Or, in some cases, ever in one lifetime. The same can be said about car buying … that is, until you retain the services of Tom Taylor and Inside Car Buying. In the car buying game, he has done the impossible twice for me – two luxury cars at a significantly lesser cost than the dealerships. I highly recommend Tom to anyone in the market for a new car — you will be pleasantly surprised by all those happy moments that his knowledge and service creates.

  24. D. Lunde

    “All I can say now is WOW…Thomas and ICB did the work and found me the
    car I wanted with every option I asked for at a price that was over $100
    less per month. They saved me time, money and made the new car buying
    process a pleasure. I highly recommend, they are professionals and know what is what in the car game!!”

    D. Lunde Kings Park, NY

  25. Stan B.

    I have purchased 3 cars now through Tom Taylor. He has saved me at least a 50-100 dollars per month on average and on one car, well over 100 dollars per month, I couldn’t believe it. Many of my friend and family use this service also, those who decide not to use Tom’s service … I just laugh, they are missing out, big time. I will never buy or lease a car without Tom Taylor!

    Thanks, Tom


  26. BOBBY C.

    This is my 3rd car that Tommy help me with and the experience keeps getting better and better. He makes it so easy to lease a car. I don’t have to deal with the dealership and try to get the best price. I know with Tommy am getting the best price out there without all the hassle. I recommend his services to everyone i know. He truly know all the in and outs to getting you the best price on leasing or buying a new car.

  27. Loveleen Sood

    I have gotten all of my new cars from Tommy Taylor for the last 12 years. I cannot recommend him enough for his expertise. From the initial car selection through having my custom built car delivered to me. Tommy makes the whole process effortless and pain free while securing me the best deal possible. Thanks again Tommy! I love my new ride!!

  28. AMF

    Let me start by staying, if you think you know how to negotiate your new car sale, “think again”. As savvy and sharp as we all think we can be when working a new car deal, we will never know the true inside. Tommy Taylor of Inside Car Buying is by far “the Expert” when negotiating for a new car sale, lease, etc. The knowledge that he has acquired over 15 years of being in the industry is absolutely mind blowing. He is an expert in knowing what cars cost, the real MSRP, the incentives, the holdbacks, the manufacture rebates, loyalty programs, etc. There is money to be saved behind every door. But, these savings will never be revealed to civilians like you and I. He has the tactics, the resources and the knowledge to take these dealerships by storm. These car salesmen have no idea what hits them once he is done working a deal for you. They might as well just hand him the keys to the car when he walks in the showroom. Tom finds out what you want and what you’re looking for and then he goes to work.

    I put in my request for a 2014 BMW X5 5.0i MSport (fully loaded). Within 2 days Tom was able to get me an amazing deal on this new 2014 X5. I also called dealerships to see how badly I was getting beat on the deal. It was amazing; these guys swear on anything sacred that you’re getting the best deal. THEY ARE LIARS!! Trust me. They will tell you whatever you want to hear, they are very sneaky and leave out things, sneak things in, etc. You have to watch every move they make and check each stroke of their pen on the buyers order. With Tom, you don’t have to worry about someone pulling one over on you. He gets right to the point and by passes all the nonsense. In the end, Tom was able to SAVE me over 5K+ by utilizing his services. It was the easiest process ever. Tell him what you want and need and he takes it from there. All you do is show up, sign your contract and drive away in your new beauty.

    It is crazy to think that I would have forked over an extra 5K+ for my truck that was not needed. How glad am I that I used Inside Car Buying you ask, VERY! This is now the 4th time I have had the pleasure of dealing with Tom over 10 years. One Mercedes Benze, 2 Range Rover Sports and now this new BMW X5. I will never work a deal for myself and neither should you.

    Do yourself a favor and call Tom Taylor if you need a new car. If you don’t, you will highly regret it when you one day hear what you should have paid.

    – Tom, thanks again for your time, your assistance and your talent. I think you did an outstanding job and I LOVE the new truck.

    Thank You
    AMF – 5/22/14

  29. Kevin Fitzpatrick

    Incredibly happy with this service. He easily saved me almost $3,000 on a lease on a brand new Lexus IS 250 FSport. It was truly unbelievable. The dealer also informed us that the car was delayed for delivery, in just a few days Tommy called me to let me know he got me a loaner car, free of charge, for the duration that my new Lexus was delayed. This will be the only way I ever get a new or leased car period. Highly recommend and I’m telling everyone.

  30. Tom Mullen

    Have to admit I was a bit dubious about the whole thing but guys in the gym were telling me not to buy anything without first going to Andrew. So I did. I thought I had negotiated a good deal with $3,500 up front and $500 a month on a lease. Andrew got down to $2,000 and $430 respectively. Saved me some $3,300 over the life of the lease. And as advertised, all I had to do was pick up the car. This is a no brainer…like Nike says…..just do it.

  31. Audrey F.

    We had an amazing experience with Inside Car Buying! From the first contact to the last, it was a pleasure doing business with Tommy. His depth of knowledge and professionalism resulted in a huge savings for us. Once we told him what we wanted, Tom went to work getting us the very best price. Even better, our new car pick up went so smoothly and was so effortless that we were astonished. We would never buy or lease a car without him again!

  32. Gerry Angel

    Thx a million! You are the best! I would only buy or lease through you in the
    future & will tell all my friends & colleagues to do the same! You made it so easy & so fast & so convenient!!! Exceptional!


  33. Ian Barto

    I would recommend anybody buying a new car to use Tommy 100%! Not only did he get me the best possible quote on a lease for my car (monthly payment from 700>522) but he even got on the phone with my insurance to help me get the best rate I possibly could. The value of this service is unbelievable and not only do you need to use Tommy but if you know of someone buying a car (friends, relatives, co-workers) you need to let them know!!!!

    Thanks Tommy!

  34. Robert K.

    I recently hired Tommy to negotiate for a BMW lease after obtaining quotes from 5 different dealerships. One of these quotes was even from a good personal acquaintance who owned one of the BMW dealerships! I have in the past hired broker services to obtain my leases as they were not charging any fee so obviously was a little hesitant about now paying Tommy a fee to negotiate the purchase of my car. My best decision ever! I never informed Tommy of any of the dealership quotes I obtained and he never requested them. Tommy obtained a better equipped model BMW than I was looking for and was able to negotiate a lease for ~ $60.00 less a month than any of the dealers quoted me. No more dealing with any brokers or salesman!

  35. Al Katawazi

    My wife and I wanted to get a new 3 series and were having trouble getting the advertised lease price listed on the BMW website. We were quoted $500 a month for a well equiped 3, we paid Tommy for his service and the monthly rate is now $342 and he knocked off $1200 on the downpayment and not hassle with DMV or dealership or anything, a rep from BMW dropped it off at our door, great service, worth every cent, thanks!

  36. Joe Shkreli (verified owner)

    What can I say? I was a bit skeptical about the whole process. What really made me take the plunge with Tommy Taylor was that I have a friend who is in real estate, negotiating and making deals happen is what he does. If he hired Tommy, then I knew this guy was to be taken serious. I paid Tommy, the $500 and hired him to make the deal happen. Not only did he make the deal happen for over $4,500 less the sticker price, but some last minute changes came afloat and he was able to secure everything we wanted without a hitch. Needless to say, I will not be buying another car without hiring Tommy Taylor first!

  37. David Kitchell

    I would highly recommend Tommy and his associates at Inside Car Buying. I used the “Hire a Negotiator” option. It was a completely stress free experience – I got a great deal without having to deal with the headaches of going to multiple dealerships and finding the best deal. I would highly recommend this service to friends and family who are busy and may not have the best knowledge about leasing/buying a car.

  38. Ajay Sood

    I have now had over four leases negotiated by Tommy Taylor and I’ve only had good experiences. I live in South Florida and Tommy’s based out of New York and he has negotiated me deals where I get the best price for each car, he does all of the transfer of paperwork, insurance and the car is delivered from wherever the destination is right to my front door within a week usually. The cars are also very well equipped, not the base models and the prices are between $150-$200 less monthly for the lease than the dealer request and the down payment does not have any additional fees for acquisition or delivery that could be a couple extra thousand dollars. He makes car buying easy and we love the service. Our last leases that were recently negotiated were for approximately $300 less monthly for a Maserati and Audi A8L then we actually negotiated. Over 36 months that’s almost $11,000 in savings for 2 cars.
    Thank You Tommy!
    Ajay and Diana Sood

  39. Kristin Ventresca (verified owner)

    I had a wonderful experience with your services. Tommy and Andrew were very professional and honest with me. I would reccomend insidecarbuying to everyone I know! Keep up the good work. And I will return to you when My leases are up!

    Thank you,
    Kristin Ventresca

  40. Duane Lee

    A mutual friend had introduced me to Tommy. I was skeptical as Tommy’s service sounded too good to be true. Nevertheless, I used Tommy and he was simply outstanding. It is worthy to have an advocate on your side who knows how the game is really played. I also thought by going on to Edmunds to find the tissue price, to download the excel sheet with the residuals, money factors, etc. to tie out the payment, etc. was the smart thing to do. Looking at the deal Tommy got me, I have been kidding myself the whole time. One phone call to Tommy and the next thing I know, I am at the Audi dealership signing a few papers and nothing else (no payment). My old car is also taken from me. I drive the new car away. I will continue to only use Tommy and will be more than happy to be a reference.

    Thank You Tommy!

    Duane Lee Scarsdale, NY

  41. David Calabrese – White Plains

    I was in the car business when I was younger and have been very successful in the past so I negotiated my own deal. Just to make sure I had all my info I called Tommy who said I wasn’t getting the deal I thought I was. I asked him to come to the closing and he ended up saving me saved me over $3500. I would recommend him to anyone… Even if you think you know everything there is to know about negotiating a vehicle purchase or lease, Tommy may be able to get you a better one.

  42. Nick Balalis

    Just want to write about the amazing experience I had with these guys. At first I was skeptical in how they would be able to shatter the prices that the dealers offer. I thought they might do a little better but when Andrew returned to me with the price they could get me, I was in shock. Dealers couldn’t believe it themselves which is why I had Andrew go out and do the deal for me (best option). In about 3 days the deal was done and all I had to do was show up to the dealer and pick up my brand new Acura RDX. I was in and out of the dealership in 15 minutes. I couldn’t have been happier with this service. Thank you guys and I will be absolutely be coming back when im ready for my next car.
    Nick Balalis
    E.Elmhurst, Queens NY

  43. Peter (verified owner)

    “Tom was invaluable throughout my car leasing process. He completely removed the “black box” scenario of car leasing negotiations with dealers to get the best deal. To me, it was certainly the most direct route to getting the price I wanted. Put simply, Tom saved me time and money.


  44. Gary Kerper (verified owner)

    I was referred to Tommy from a friend and was very pleased with the whole process. (or lack of process!) Tommy saved me the hassle of driving around to and calling up multiple auto dealers to negotiating pricing for a new Acura RDX. After test driving it once to confirm I wanted this certain model of car, I left the rest up to Tommy. Once I gave him the green light I got a call 3 days later to where and when to pick up my new car. Not only did I save money but saved a lot of time and aggravation. Would recommend Tommy in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a new car.

  45. T. Mitchell

    “Painless, effortless, no anxiety”

    We purchased a new car this month from “Inside Car Buying” – easiest car transaction we’ve ever made.
    Everything ordered to be in the car – was in the car, & the hastle of getting the lowest price was taken out of our hands.
    We would do it again and would recommend to anyone to use this service.

    Thanks very much,

    Marion & Tom Mitchell

  46. Luyen Chou (verified owner)

    “What a great discovery this service is. Not only did it save us money, it gave us the assurance we were getting the best possible deal, and it eliminated all the usual complexity associated with buying a new car. Thanks Tommy – great service and great value!”

  47. Pam Evans

    This service was the best way to deal with searching for the car you want and not what the Dealer wants to sell you! Saved money. Walked into the Dealership signed the forms and drove away happy. Great job. Thank you! Highly recommended!

  48. Vincent Bondi

    Save Time + Save Energy + SAVE MONEY = insidecarbuying.com

    Best Decision I made was working with Tommy. Great Service, Great Deal, Very Happy.

    Thank You Tommy!!

  49. David S

    Saving you money is the most obvious benefit, but Tommy handling the entire transaction and saving me the time and headache of the dealership nonsense was the best part of the service. In 1 day everything was complete and the next day I went to the dealership to sign and pickup my new lease. Fantastic. Will use again and again!

  50. vkonline@hotmail.com

    I was reffered to Tommy by a friend of mine. He factory ordered the exact car I wanted for a great price!! I wanted a 2014 model and he got me 2015 for less than the amount I would have paid for 2014 by myself. He took care of all the hassle of dealing with the dealership and also took my old car and adjusted the remaining payments to my new car!! He understands everyones situation and works with you all the way! He got me the best APR according to my credit score. All I had to do was just go to the dealership, sign the papers and drive my new car home. I can not thank him enough. I love my new 2015 Dodge Durango and I will be contacting him soon for leasing another car. Thank you!!

    Vaibhav Khanna, Queens NY

  51. Barbara M.

    I put off getting the car of my dreams because of having to deal with the hassle. Then a friend referred me to Tommy and now I am driving my new Mini and am so happy!!! Since Tommy did all the leg work and negotiations, all I had to do was show up at the Dealership, sign some papers and drive it away!! Tommy’s service is such a wonderful relief for a lot of single women who can be easily intimidated by high powered salesmen.

  52. Glenn R

    I was reffered to Tommy by a friend of mine, Best decision I made was purchasing “Inside Car Buying” services Tommy and his team of experts did all the leg work. all i had to do was sign and drive. I am so pleased with my new BMW and looking forward to purchasing my next car with them. easy transaction, hassel free procedure = HAPPY clients 🙂

  53. Alex Rodriguez

    Tommy Taylor SAVE ME MONEY his report was right on point ( it gives you inside information that the dealers do not want you to know so that you can negotiate the best price possible) and he is fast to get it to you so that you can start right away I have and will continue to recommend his service to anyone that is looking for buy or lease a car. I was looking for a 2015 Toyota Siena I was driving a 2013 Toyota Siena. my first lease no using the service because I did not know about it I was paying $480 per month after putting down $3500 just to say that I was robbed should have called the cops on the sales guy at the dealership for taking advantage of me. On the second deal using the service that Tommy Taylor Provides I got the same car a Toyota Siena two year newer 2015 but I am only paying $350 no money down that is a $130 less per month for a savings of $4680 over the course of the lease. Prior to this year I did not know this service existed. Use it every time you get a car and tell your friend about it. The end result is that you ARE GOING TO SAVE MONEY AND THERE IS NO BETTER FEELING THAN SAVING MONEY AND KNOW THAT YOU GOT THE BEST POSSIBLE DEAL. I GIVE TOMMY ( 5 STARS YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPOINTED)


  54. Lou

    “I used Tommy’s service to find a new car that was difficult to find at any local car dealership. Tommy not only found my car, he saved me a significant amount of money off the lease price. I never knew how much extra money local dealerships added to their prices until I started working with Tommy. The next time I need a new car, Tommy will certainly be the first call I make.”

    Lou- Bronx, NY

  55. Tracey Prylucki (verified owner)

    I would like to thank Tommy Taylor for saving me time and money! I have leased several luxury cars in the past and this was definetly an outstanding lease program that he secured for me. Service was fast and professional. I would highly recommend Inside Car Buying to anyone looking to lease or buy a car for a great price along with great service! Thank you again.

    Tracey A. Prylucki
    Bronxville, NY

  56. Deb (verified owner)

    I want to thank Tommy for the time he saved me and how fast he found me a car! He also dealt with the insurance and getting me a great loan rate. I also really liked the fact that I didn’t have to take time out from work or a beautiful weekend to have to spend time at a dealer. So, anyone reading this that has not yet used Tommy, go for it! You won’t be sorry!

  57. Andrew (verified owner)

    With a growing family we simply did not have time to go out and shop around, spending weekends with salespeople, tracking down the elusive best deal – thank goodness for Tommy and his team: we saved money on the purchase of the car that we wanted, but just as important was the precious time we saved. This was one of the smoothest and fastest transactions I’ve ever participated in (not something one often says about a larger purchase like a new car). It made getting into the driver’s seat of our 2016 Honda Pilot pure stress-free enjoyment. If you are going for a new car, do not consider doing it without Tommy’s services.

  58. Mike (verified owner)

    With two cars coming off lease this year, Tommy helped me get into a new BMW 5-series lease eight months before my 3-series lease was going expiring at an incredible lease rate. In addition, Tommy also helped me through the lengthy process of selecting a family SUV and negotiated a great deal on a 2016 Buick Enclave while simultaneously monetizing the equity in the expiring lease on a GMC Yukon. Let me put it simply: I will never buy or lease another car without using Tommy’s service. He’s the best.

    – Mike, Fairfield County, CT

  59. Andre

    Awesome service! worth every penny for the expert services, recommend Tommy’s to all my friends and family. Got me a great deal on a brand new Lexus NX Fsport 2015, saved me an extra 200 a month! which the dealer gladly pocketed from me. Thanks again! won’t do business anywhere else.

  60. Anita R.

    5 STARS!!! We’ve been using Tommy’s services for years. He has gotten us amazing deals on the last SIX cars we’ve leased. I don’t know about you, but I do NOT enjoy negotiating with car dealers. In fact, the last time we did this on our own, we ended up buying a car we intended to lease, and got a raw deal on financing. Rather than being overjoyed and thrilled (as one should feel when getting a new car), we left the dealership feeling manipulated, deceived and unhappy. Inside Car Buying not only takes all the unpleasantness out of the process, it gets us a far better deal than we could ever get on our own. Now, when we get our new wheels, it’s nothing but positive and exciting! We have recommended Tommy to all of our friends. The people smart enough to hire him have all thanked us for making the introduction and expressed their gratitude and amazement over the deals he’s made for him. We will never buy or lease another car without him.

  61. Allie Abbatiello (verified owner)

    I heard about Tommy Taylor and Inside Car Buying from a friend of mine. I am so happy I gave this a try because it was the easiest and best thing I have ever done. I first bought the DIY Reports and was amazed at how much cheaper the Jeep Overland was compared to what the dealer was offering. Being that I am extremely busy I decided to purchase the hire an expert package in which they negotiate for me and handle everything. It was such a relief knowing I didn’t have to worry about anything. They always kept in touch with me and were very professional. I can’t thank them enough for saving me a lot of money. I highly recommend them!!!

  62. Kyle

    I first started working with Tommy before he launched his excellent buying service – even as a salesman at local dealerships (first Audi , then Mercedes) he managed to create a stress-free, quick and easy sales experience with GREAT pricing. It is amazing that he has been able to extend this formula across the spectrum of brands and dealerships. In my case I used Tommy’s “Hire the Expert” service to purchase a VW GTI, as I had a very particular configuration I was interested in and was traveling on business quite a bit when I needed to close the transaction (and frankly regardless I generally don’t enjoy the sales grind, my prior experience with Tommy as the only exception over many years and many cars bought.) As usual, he beat the prices I had received on my own by over 10% and the whole transaction was done over email followed by a very straight forward pick-up process at my local dealer – well worth the $499!!!

  63. Jim A

    Tommy Taylor and Inside Car Buying were recommended to me by a good friend that swears by Tommy. I now have the personal pleasure of benefiting from the DIY Report and the Hire the Expert Negotiator. The DIY Report led to my lease of a 2016 Cadillac Escalade ESV. At first the dealer wasn’t willing to match Tommy’s DIY Report, but after walking out, was able to get to within $12 of the report. After landing such a great deal, I once again knew that Tommy would come through with my second car, a 2016 S550 Coupe. Most dealers I have been too wouldn’t even consider the pricing on Tommy’s DIY Report, so I let Tommy to the work, and within 2 days, Tommy was able to secure the deal I wanted. I will not buy or lease another car without Tommy and the same goes for anyone else that wants the peace and mind of knowing they got the very best deal available!!

    Jim A.- Upper Saddle River.

  64. Jerry & Lois Stoeffhaas (verified owner)

    Not only did Tommy get us the new car we wanted for the price we wanted — totally hassle free–but he handled the entire process, including the drop off our old vehicle, got us picked up by the new dealer and driven to get the new car, plates, insurance, registration — he took care of all of it. It was service above and beyond, turning the dreaded experience of car buying into an effortless couple of hours from start to finish. This is my second time leasing a car through Tommy, and I didn’t even think twice about coming back; when this lease expires in 3 years I absolutley will be calling Inside to handle the deal for me.

    Jerry & Lois S. Bronxville

  65. Chris T.

    Tommy Taylor and Inside Car Buying continue to get me prices on cars that I never dreamed of getting. My wife’s dream car is a Mercedes G550 (“G Box”) and I never thought I would be able to get her one until we were old and gray. When I told Tommy what my wife wanted, he got back to me within a few hours with a deal that was incredible. When signing the contract at the dealership, the Finance Manager thought that the figures on the contract were a mistake and he had to double check them with the salesman. He said: “I have never seen a G550 discounted so much!” I used to dread having to go through the new car process, now I love it because Inside Car Buying takes care of the hard parts and I just drive away with the car I want at a great price.

  66. LeeAnne (verified owner)

    As a female, you always dread walking into car dealerships. Not anymore!!! Tommy’s one stop shop is a life saver. I told him what I was looking for and I was in my dream car a few days later. No hassle, no stress, no negotiating…just got in my car and drove away. Tommy is extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. He saved me thousands of dollars on a down payment for my lease. I will definitely be working with him again once my lease expires. Do yourself a favor and let the expert do the negotiating for you.

    Thanks again Tommy!

  67. LeeAnne (verified owner)

    5 stars

  68. Karen (verified owner)

    Tommy makes buying a car so easy and hassle free that I don’t dread it anymore!!!! After he found the car I wanted, I literally had to sign my name and the keys were handed to me. The process is so easy that I wouldn’t consider purchasing a car any other way!!!!

  69. Jim Quent (verified owner)

    I used Inside Car Buying​ to get a great price on a new lease. It was SUPER EASY and I saved a ton of money. Tommy Taylor was hands on, accessible, informative and honest about the process. He found the exact car I wanted with all the specs and exterior / interior combination I wanted. If you are going to buy a car, start with Inside Car Buying and let Tommy Taylor help you out. You won’t be disappointed. Since then, my cousin contacted them and is on his way to get his next vehicle at a ridiculously low price. No haggling, no sitting at the dealer while they walk back and forth to their “manager” to find a better price. Just set the price and they’ll find it for you. Then, they update your insurance and take care of the registration so you don’t have to stand at DMV for 3 hours hoping you have the correct paperwork.
    Thank you for all of your help.
    Jim Quent​

  70. Jed G

    My wife and myself were referred to Tommy by a friend. We could not be happier with the result. No dealing with a dealer, no shopping and no negotiating. We showed up at the Volvo dealer and after signing a few papers were all done. Great service, great deal and a much better result than we could have achieved on our own.

    Thanks Tommy.

    Jed G.

  71. Dave (verified owner)

    I’m a car guy, BUT TOMMY IS THE CAR GUY! He made the whole experience easy, he saved me money and he found the exact car I wanted. All I had to do was sign and drive.

    D. Stutz

  72. Robert

    I just wanted to let you know this was the best car buying experience I have ever experienced. Can’t thank you enough for all your attention to detail and the professionalism of the delivery today.

    Mickey,The gentleman who delivered the car and went over everything in detail was so informative and helpful.

    I’ll send you a picture tomorrow and once again thanks-I love the car!!!

    R. Kashan

  73. Mike D

    The Jaguar XF S AWD purchase and trade in of my Mercedes S550 went flawlessly. I was originally looking at the Jaguar XF Premium model. You negotiated a deal for me step up to the S model for almost $5000 less than the “best offer” I could find on the Premium. Who wouldn’t want more car for less money!
    Even the price on the trade-in was higher than I was offered by Mercedes.

    You certainly earned my future business!

  74. Christine (verified owner)

    Thanks again for your help with the purchase of the new Toyota Siena. This was the second time we used your service and remain impressed. I negotiated a deal at a local dealer and told them I would shop it around. I then turned it over to you. You negotiated a deal $1,450 lower than I did with the same dealer! The best part was you did ALL the work.

    Net your fee I’m ahead $951 and didn’t have any of the hassle associated with buying a car.

    Great job!

  75. Dave Stutz (verified owner)

    I’m a car guy, BUT TOMMY IS THE CAR GUY! He made the whole experience easy, he saved me money and he found the exact car I wanted. All I had to do was sign and drive.

  76. Samantha (verified owner)

    My husband and I cannot thank you enough for everything! We went to dealerships and it was a nightmare! We were referred by a friend to call Tommy and had our new car with in a week for a great price! The process was painless! It was a completely hassle free experience and I would recommend Tommy to everyone looking for a new car!

  77. Terr Briody

    If anyone is going through the process of buying a car, I would highly recommend using Thomas.
    All I told him was the car I wanted and what I could afford to pay, and he took care of everything for me. He saved me an incredible amount of money, advocated for me while working with the dealership, was at my beck and call the entire time, and significantly expedited the process (the whole process took 2 days!). I absolutely would have been taken advantage of without his help. I was the fourth person in my family to use him, and we can all attest that he is 100% committed to his customers.

  78. Lucy & James (verified owner)

    Thank you Tommy: I used Tommy four times. Three years ago for my wife’s car and only one dealer out of five honored the price Tommy gave me. Than my truck, same thing, only one out of the four honored it. Three year later same thing my truck only one honored it. With my 4th report from Tommy, no one wanted to match it. So I call Tommy, with in days my wife was driving the car she wanted at the price that was on the report. Tommy kept his promise and delivered. He works quickly. Tommy save me over $12,000.00 and more. A friend of my wife’s has same type car but the lower model put $4,000.00 more down and pays more monthly than I do. She didn’t listen… Thanks again and I’ll see you in three year when the leases are up.

  79. Frank Gennaro (verified owner)

    Tommy, This was the best car buying experience I have ever had. It was seamless and couldn’t have been easier. I will most definitely recommend your company to anyone I know planning on or in the process of buying a car! Great job.

  80. Heather Corrow (verified owner)

    Hiring Tommy for my new lease was the best decision I could have made. Not only was working with him super easy and stress free, he was able to get me the car I’ve been wanting for decades for the same monthly payment I was making on a 7 year old used vehicle. He is quick, knowledgeable and professional. I was shocked by how little I actually had to do from start to finish. Unbelievable experience, wouldn’t dare to buy another car without his expertise!

  81. Adrian G (verified owner)

    “I just took delivery of my BMW X6. The experience of buying it was amazing using inside car buying. It was the best car transaction I’ve ever done. I will purchase or lease any future new car using inside car buying, I would give them a rating of five stars out of five. You won’t be disappointed! Adrian G., New Jersey

  82. Stan B

    Tommy got me a fully loaded Volvo XC90, the car practically drives itself, ‘literally’. 12,000 miles/year, not 10, 000! All for $519 per month and that’s with taxes in the payment!!!
    I don’t know how he does it??!!!!! “

    Stan B. from Westchester

  83. A. Schultz

    Tommy is the ultimate “car ninja”!!! I’ve been using Tommy the past 12 years and each time, he’s been able to negotiate the best possible deal – bar none! You are leaving money on the table if you aren’t using Tommy.

    Most recent lease – 2020 Lincoln Aviator Reserve, dealership initial lease price vs Tommy’s negotiated price was a difference of $90 – a savings of $3240 for the duration of the lease!

  84. Julie DeLoAngeles (verified owner)

    This is my second time leasing a car with Tommy’s services and I couldn’t be more pleased. He makes the process so simple and from start to finish and always a great deal!!

  85. Nick McMillan (verified owner)

    It was a pleasure working with Tommy for the second time. He saved me so much money on my first lease that I decided to use his services again. This time he got me an even better deal! He makes the process so simple from start to finish. I highly recommend Tommy if you’re looking to buy or lease a new vehicle.

  86. Brian Chase (verified owner)

    This is the first time I used Tommy for my new Porsche Macan. There is nothing worse than negotiating a lease for a new car. Somehow this corner of the market is still opaque and you need to shop around and negotiate for the best deal. Tommy cut through all of the nonsense and was able to save me ~$150 off of my monthly lease payment. Over 39 months that is real money. That alone would have been enough to justify Tommy’s cost, but what I didn’t even realize is that he handles everything up until I picked up the car at the dealer. What a bargain. I will be using Tommy to handle all of my car leasing from here on out.

  87. Phil Massimino (verified owner)

    Tommy is awesome!! I couldn’t recommend him enough! He has made the whole purchasing process a breeze willing to help in any way possible. This our first new car we’ve leased and will be using him again for our next vehicle.

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