Car Buying Service Guarantees

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Guarantee for Hire the Expert Negotiator

We guarantee you’ll get best deal on the exact car (year, make, model, options, color combination, etc) you are looking for during the month of your purchase.

If you can negotiate a lower price by the fee amount charged or more for the exact year, make, model and color car (with the exact options chosen) than the price we negotiated on your behalf, then we will refund your full purchase price for our Hire the Expert service fee. In order to be refunded, you must take delivery of the exact same vehicle you negotiated the better price on. You must provide proof you have taken delivery of the exact vehicle you had us negotiate on your behalf, at another dealership, by sending us a copy of the Lease agreement, Financial Contract or Bill of Sale, and Window Sticker of that vehicle within 48 hours from when we provided you with our numbers. You will be refunded within 48 hours of us receiving the required proof.

For Lease Purchases

A better deal on a lease can be shown as a cheaper monthly payment equaling the fee amount charged or a cheaper C.O.D. of the fee amount charged. For example: On a 36 month lease the monthly payment with a fee amount charged of $499 would have to be $13.86 less than the payment we negotiated on your behalf.

For Cash or Finance Purchases

A better deal on a finance or cash purchase is shown as a selling price, finance rate, total fees, correct taxes, etc. of the fee amount charged less than the price we negotiated on your behalf.

Example: We negotiated a selling price of $40,000 for you on the vehicle you wanted with a fee amount changed of $499. You beat our price at another dealership on the same exact vehicle by $499 with a selling price of $39,501.00 or less.

About Credit Approval

All deals negotiated on your behalf are based on top tier credit approval. We are not a financial institution and we don’t process your credit report. We simply submit your credit information, copy of license and insurance information to the dealership on your behalf. We do work with the dealership to try to get you the best rate possible based on your credit approval. Not having a top tier credit approval will increase the cost of your new vehicle.

Guarantee for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Dealer Report ®

We guarantee you’ll get the correct information for you to get the best deal on the exact vehicle (MSRP, year, make, model and options) you asked us to supply the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Dealer Report® for during the month of your purchase.

If you can find a lower price by $199 or more for the exact year, make and model car (with the exact options chosen) we will refund the full purchase price of the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Dealer Report®. Just send us your Bill of Sale or Lease Contract along with the window sticker as proof and you’ll be credited within 48 hours. It’s that easy and we are that sure of our pricing!

This service is non-refundable once purchased unless you meet the guidelines for the refund policy posted above.

Guarantee for Simplified Car Buying eBook

If for any reason you feel the Simplified Car Buying eBook did not help you save hours of your time and provide you with insider info on how to save up to thousands on your next car purchase simply ask for a refund and you’ll receive it no questions asked!

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