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October Deals!

Alfa Romeo – Deals are still going strong! The dealers are even stronger if you currently own or lease an Audi, Mercedes or BMW! The deals are at their strongest if you Also have a lease or own a Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge or Ram in addition to the above!! Acura – The 2020 RDX’s are at an…

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July Deals!

Alfa Romeo – Its seems the Giulia & Stelvio deals are always very aggressive but this month is definitely the month to grab one if you currently own or lease any FCA product. FCA includes Alfa, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Ram or ProMaster. Acura – The ILX & RDX got a bit better than last month. I…

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June – Final Days!

Alfa Romeo – Giulia & Stelvio deals are very aggressive. There is extra money for those customers you currently have a Mercedes, BMW or Audi and looking to make the change to an Alfa. Acura – Still offering a 3 month early out program if you’re going into another Acura. 2019 RDX & NSX in not included…

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Show Me The April Deals!

      Alfa Romeo – Giulia & Stelvio deals are actually better than last month for those who currently own or lease an Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Jeep, Lancia, Maserati, Ram Trucks.   Acura – Still offering a 3 month early out program if you’re going into another Acura. 2019 RDX…

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March’s Rundown Of Deals!

  Alfa Romeo – Both the Giulia & Stelvio models offer great lease deals but the reliability isn’t there. I’ve heard some real nightmares.  Acura – Offering a 3 month early out program if you’re going into another Acura. 2019 RDX & NSX is not included in this early out program. So if you’re looking to…

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These Cars Have Bonus Cash Starting Now!

These makes and models came out with extra money yesterday or today. Jeep Cherokee – Limited Trim Only Jeep Grand Cherokee – Limited Trim Only 2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Honda Accords – All Trims Honda Pilot – All Trims Everything else you’re seeing I believe to be fluff! This doesn’t mean…

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December Offerings

  Feel free to call me at 914-980-3392 or email me at to hear about extra incentives in addition to the ones below that YOU as an individual are eligible to take advantage of. LEXUS:  “December to Remember”.  If you are in the market for a Lexus, December is the month for you to…

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Black Friday Specials

Acura – They are offering a 3 month early out program that’s been going on for over a year now. But if you read the fine print the 2019 RDX in not included in this. So if you’re looking to get into a new 2019 RDX and have payments remaining on your current Acura lease it’s…

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Sign Up While Supplies Last

Are you in the market for a new BMW between now and January 2nd? Do you want an extra $500 – $1,000 off? BMW will be holding an Ultimate Driving Experience between November 9th and the 15th at Citi Field in NY. Click hereto enjoy an Autocross experience and pick up some extra money towards a new BMW! This…

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