Very Important, Please Read – July 1st through Labor Day

Due to the semiconductor chip issue, the auto industry is experiencing something that we have never seen before. Inventory is very scarce if there is any at all throughout almost all brands. Due to this, we are only willing to negotiate on a few brands out of dealer stock. 90% of our Hire The Expert services going forward will only be for factory orders. As of right now, this will remain in effect until after Labor Day. If I don’t feel that I can get you the best deal on a factory order, I will advise accordingly. If you have to get a car out of dealer stock and we are not able to negotiate on your behalf, I highly recommend using our DIY Dealer Report. This will still save you a lot of money.

If we do opt to assist in securing a vehicle out of dealer stock using the Hire The Expert service, it will not be the same best deal that we could get in a normal market, but it will be better than what can be done without us.

Going forward, our hours from July 1st through Labor Day will be Monday – Thursday 9 am – 3 pm.

Our office will be closed during the following times this summer with no access to email/phone calls:

July 2nd – July 4th

July 21st – July 25th

July 27th – August 8th

August 13th – August 22nd

I look forward to assisting you during this challenging time and will still strive to get you the best deal possible.

From my family to yours I wish you a happy, healthy, and safe summer!






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