Closing out the 1st quarter of 2021 – Many brands are offering great incentives

Alfa Romeo – Sunroof, navigation & safety features are now standard on all 2021 Giulia & Stelvio TI trim levels. Now all Conquest & Loyalty rebates require the vehicle you’re using for this program to be trade-in or for the lease to be returned. In the past, it didn’t matter. Incentives and inventory are good for these models.

Acura – Lease prices on the new 2022 MDX are insane. However, we will save you more money than you can save yourself! Still a good amount of inventory and good incentives on the remaining 2020 MDX. Lots of inventory and incentives on the TLX. Inventory is light on the RDX and incentives are nothing to rave about.

Audi – Going all out for a strong close to the 1st quarter. Costco is back and provides up to $2,000 in additional incentives. Must have been a Costco member before 3/1/21 to qualify. In addition to Costco, there is a large stair-step incentives for dealers to hit their 1st quarter quota. Some models have an additional $6,000. All models are offering great lease and purchase incentives. If you’re considering an electric car the Etron has great incentives.

BMW – Residuals and incentives went down on some models causing pricing to go up a bit. Still overall good programs. I always recommend factory ordering a new BMW if you’re looking to get one. This way you lock yourself into the best price when it’s ordered and when it comes in if the programs get better (And you’re aware of it) you’re entitled to the better offerings. The key is getting the best deal when ordering the car and then knowing if it gets better or not when it comes in. I handle this very, very well! Lead time for X3, X5 & X7’s are between 3 & 5 weeks since they are built in the US. All other models are closer to 8 weeks to be safe.

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Chevy – Very low inventory on the Tahoe & Suburban causing minimum discounts. Being part of the GM supplier program will help improve a deal. If you want one of these a factory order would be best to get you what you’re looking for and at the right price. Ordering one is every bit of 12 weeks if not a bit more. Good inventory and incentives for the Trailblazer, Equinox, and Traverse models.

Cadillac – Seems like inventory is decent on all models except the new Escalade. There are issues with production, lack of parts, and trucking from the factory. If you’re looking for a new Escalade expect to pay MSRP and above if purchasing. If you’re leasing, dealers are price gauging. I highly recommend my DIY Dealer Report if you’re going to be leasing one of these models so you can see what the right number should be.

Chrysler – Very low inventory on the new AWD Pacifica Limited & Pinnacle models. There is a better supply of inventory on the AWD Touring L trim level. However, incentives are good across the board. Even factory orders are taking much longer than expected.

Dodge – 2021 Durango’s have decent inventory and good incentives. The SXT & GT Plus trim levels seem to offer the most value. Some colors are harder to get than others. Factory orders are taking about 8 weeks if you wanted to order one. This is a good option if you have time and can’t get what you want from dealer stock.

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Ford – Ford has production issues due to the microchip issue. Currently, they aren’t building many of their models. Limited inventory on the F150’s, especially the higher-end trims.

Honda – Inventory is good on all models except the Ridgeline & Passport. Incentives are good on all models. Most models are offering between 0% and 1.9% financing for 60 months.

Infiniti – Inventory & incentives are not great. Lease deals are nowhere close to where they were 3 years ago.

Jeep – Good inventory & incentives on 2021 Compass, Cherokee & Grand Cherokee models. Even better incentives if you’re coming out of a Grand Cherokee lease and going into a new one. Wranglers are low in inventory but there are still deals to be found especially when you do a factory order on one. Allow 8 weeks for factory orders.

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Jaguar – All models are hurting with inventory allowing dealers to hold more profit. Nothing crazy being offered.

Lexus – Offering strong incentives on most models and 1st-month payment waiver is back on many models. Deals are even better if you’re a current Lexus owner. Inventory is good with the exception of hybrid models.

Land Rover/Range Rover – Inventory is low on all models with the exception of the Discovery Sport. Dealers are price gauging. If you’re looking to lease one you would be very foolish not to use our DIY Dealer Report® for transparent pricing.

Lincoln – Inventory and incentives are getting better on the 2021 Aviator and Navigator. Incentives vary per vehicle and customer. Still lots of inventory and incentives on the Corsair!

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Mazda –  Good inventory and incentives on all 2021 models. Extra incentives if you have a 2015 or new Toyota Rav4 or Highlander in your household and you’re looking to get a new CX-5 or CX-9.

Mercedes – Inventory is getting better on the A, C & E class sedans as well as the GLE. Plenty of GLA’s, GLB’s, and GLC’s. Still low inventory on the GLS, All Coupes, and Convertibles. Dealers are being flooded with allocation on the new 2022 S-Class causing many of them to offer deep discounts before it even comes out. Now would be the time to place an order if you want one. For all the Mercedes models without incentives/rebates, there is always a “better deal” to be found and we will find it!

Nissan – There is a good supply of inventory and good incentives on the Sentra, Altima, and Rogue.

Porsche – Inventory and pricing is good on the Macan & Cayenne. 911’s are nowhere to be found and ordering one is 6+ months out.

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Ram – Inventory is still low with many trim levels,  although incentives are good. Factory orders are the best way to go about getting a Ram right now. Allow 8 weeks for this.

Subaru – Inventory is good across the whole lineup with the exception of the Ascent. Subaru always offers good leasing and finance rates. The key to getting the best deal on their models is knowing what the deepest discount should be, finding your private offer for current and previous customers in addition to their loyalty incentive. Subaru rarely offers any rebates.

Toyota – Inventory is still hurting. Dealers are still running on half the amount of inventory or less compared to what they had pre-COVID. This has helped dealers hold gross, offer minimum discounts, and have you paying more. The only model I can recommend as getting a decent deal would be the Highlander. The worst deals seem to be Sienna, Tacoma, Tundra, 4Runner, and all Hybrid models.

Volvo – All models have good inventory and incentives especially the plug-in trims. Volvo is still offering a 6-month early return program on most models if you want to get out of your current Volvo lease and into a new one sooner.

VW – Inventory is good on most models. The deals are aggressive on the Jetta, Tiguan & Atlas. If you’re considering a Honda Accord, Nissan Maxima, Toyota Camry, or Acura TLX you should also look at the VW Passat. The deals are very aggressive on the remaining 2020 Passat’s.

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