Incentives & Inventory for October

Alfa Romeo – Incentives are strong for both the Giulia and Stelvio models. Inventory is better on Giulia than Stelvios. The TI AWD trim level seem to be the most plentiful.


Acura – Inventory and incentives are good on the 2020 MDXs. 2021 RDX inventory is low, but starting to build and incentives look decent. There are better incentives on the 2020 TLX, but inventory is getting low as the 2021’s have already started coming in. Acura is still offering a 3-month early return program on most models.


Audi – Seems to have run out of most sedans, coupes, and convertibles except for the A8. Inventory is slowly getting better on SUVs as 2021 models start to roll in. Audi is still offering a 3 month early return program on many of their models.


BMW – They certainly have it best. Since X3s and X5s are built in the U.S., you can order one to spec and get it within 3-5 weeks. 2021 3-series are starting to come in, but we probably won’t see good programs on them until November. 5-series have exceptional programs right now, especially for loyal BMW lease customers. The new 4-series have also gone into production, so if you are interested, now is the time to place an order. BMW still has no early return program on any of their vehicles.


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Chevy– Silverado’s have low inventory which is making it difficult to negotiate. 2021 Tahoe and Suburban’s are slowly coming in, but aren’t offering any great incentives. Inventory and incentives are good on Equinox and Traverse models. Chevy is still offering an early return program if you’re on their manifest list.


Cadillac– Inventory is decent on the XT5 & XT6, but the incentives aren’t anything to rave about. Dealers are taking orders on the 2021 Escalade, but currently, there are no incentives.


Chrysler – The new Pacifica is out with AWD and getting a lot of attention. They have good financing and lease offers.


Dodge – Low inventory on the 2020 Durango’s and the 2021’s are expected in early November.


Honda – Inventory is decent and getting better every month. Incentives are very good on most models.


Infiniti – Inventory is getting low on the 2020 Q50’s & QX60’s. The QX50’s have good inventory. Incentives are decent and get better if you’re coming out of an Infiniti lease.



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Jeep – Inventory is low on 2020 Grand Cherokee’s. The 2021’s have already started coming in, but the incentives won’t be good on them until November. Low inventory on Wranglers as well, but the leases are aggressive.


Jaguar – Low inventory on most models. They are still offering 0% for 72 months and have decent lease incentives.



Lexus – Inventory is still tight, but getting better each month. Incentives are good and even better for current Lexus owners.


Land Rover/Range Rover – Low inventory on most models and a lot of price gouging.


Lincoln – Low inventory on the Aviator and Navigator. Good inventory on the Nautilus and MKZ. Lots of inventory on the Corsair. Good incentives on all models.


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Mazda –  Not much left for the 2020 models. The 2021’s are starting to come in next week, so inventory should be getting back to normal on most models. Incentives are good!


Mercedes – If you’re looking for a GLA, GLB, or GLC SUV there is inventory. Anything else is very low or nonexistent.


Nissan – Low inventory on models, but should be getting better next month. Lease programs are decent.


Porsche – Inventory is low on the Macan but the deals are good if you’re not too picky.


Subaru – Inventory is good with the exception of the Legacy & Ascent. Good finance rates and leases.



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Toyota – Low inventory on most models. You can find a good deal on a Highlander if you’re very flexible on options and colors.


Volvo – Not much left on the 2020 models. There is a good amount of 2021’s coming in, but they are very slow getting to the dealers. Incentives are good and even better if you have owner loyalty and were a Costco member before 9/30/20.



VW – The Tiguan is in low supply; otherwise all the other models have decent inventory. Incentives are ok on the 2021 models and will probably get better in November.




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