October Deals!

Alfa Romeo – Deals are still going strong! The dealers are even stronger if you currently own or lease an Audi, Mercedes or BMW! The deals are at their strongest if you Also have a lease or own a Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge or Ram in addition to the above!!

Acura – The 2020 RDX’s are at an all-time low for this new body style! 2020 Acura MDX’s are also very aggressive. TLX’s are also good but I think your money is better spent on an Infiniti Q50.

Audi – A3’s have some scary numbers. A4 deals are awesome this month – they blow away the Infiniti Q50 & the Acura TLX! A6’s are aggressive and A7’s are the lowest they have been since the redesign. Q3’s are terrible, Q5 are great and Q7’s are near a record-breaking low as they are getting ready for the redesigned 2020 models.

BMW – I think this is the last month for incentives on the 2019 models as inventory is getting low. Most 2020 models are aggressive. Currently being a BMW owner and working for one of their 2,500+ Corporate Partner Companies will get you all available incentives.

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Chevy/Buick/GMC/Cadillac – The Season of Values is back for all Costco members until 1/2/20! This gets you a Costco Gift card between $300 and $700 along with an additional rebate towards a 2019/202 model. This program doesn’t have set pricing and is negotiable if you know what you’re doing.

Dodge – Remaining 2019 Durango’s are very aggressive. This is probably the last month for incentives on 2019 models.

Honda – 2019 CRV’s are overstocked and have great incentives! Civics’, Pilots and Passports are also very good!

Infiniti – No longer offering an early returning program. The remaining 2019 Q50’s are very good. The 2020 Q50’s are terrible. This will probably change next month. The 2020 QX60 is very aggressive with good incentives and higher residuals. Lots of dealers are sitting with many 2019 QX80’s and are looking to make deals.

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Jeep – Inventory is very low on 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee’s. 2020 models are out. If you’re looking to lease a new Wrangler you’ll definitely want to go with a 2020 model as they are much cheaper than the 2019 models and have been for the last 45 days.

Jaguar – Lots of rebates on all models!

Lexus – Remaining 2019 models are very aggressive. Incentives will probably increase for 2020 models and become more favorable next month when Lexus starts their December to Remember event.

Land Rover/Range Rover – I will continue to say this… Most of these dealers are thieves. I highly recommend checking the prices with me before finalizing a new deal.

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Mazda –  2019 CX-5 & CX-9 deals are still very aggressive. I think they both offer great value compared to the competition.

Mercedes – 2020 GLE’s and GLS’s be sure to check with us on these models.

Nissan – Most models are aggressive and there are extra incentives for lease loyalty customers.

Subaru – Most models are aggressive and being a previous Subaru customer could mean extra incentives.

If you want to know what the best price is for the new car you want – Click here!

Toyota – This is the month to grab a 2019 Highlander!

Volvo –Incentives are record-breaking this month, even on 2020 models. Now is the time to grab one!

VW – Tiguans and Atlas are aggressive. Some trim levels are more aggressive than others. The Jetta’s still seems a bit high…



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