Show Me The April Deals!




Alfa Romeo – Giulia & Stelvio deals are actually better than last month for those who currently own or lease an Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Jeep, Lancia, Maserati, Ram Trucks.


Acura – Still offering a 3 month early out program if you’re going into another Acura. 2019 RDX & NSX in not included in this early out program. So if you’re looking to get into a new 2019 RDX and have payments remaining on your current Acura lease it’s probably best to wait. The 2019 TLX has gotten even better than March’s end of quarter programs. 2019 RDX’s & MDX continue with the same great incentives that were offered in March.


Audi – Most Audi models have a 2 month early out program if you’re going into another Audi through Audi Financial Services. I thought last month was a great time to get into a new Audi. Surprisingly, 2019 A3’s, S3’s, A4’s, S4’s, A6’s, A8’s, Q5’s, SQ5’s and Q7’s have all got better than March. See how cheap they are here!



BMW – Still no early return programs for BMW waiving remaining lease payments. 2019 BMW 3 series actually have decent programs for a redesigned model that was just released if you’re negotiating the right deal! All other models are still going strong! The 2019 7-series & I8 have Thousands and Thousands of dollars back. Who wants one?!?!



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Cadillac – Very aggressive programs on the XT5 and 1st-month payment waiver on this model and the Escalade, XT4 and CT6.


Chevy – The new Blazer came out with a great lease program this month. Everything else remaining the same as March.


Chrysler – The Pacifica has good incentives but only on some of the trims, not all of them. Surprisingly you can lease a more expensive trim cheaper than a lower trim model.


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Ford – The Explorer’s residuals have dropped a little from March making the leases a bit more expensive.



Honda – No more lease incentives on the 2018 Accords & CRV’s. 2019 Accords have gotten better than what was offered in March. Keep in mind, Honda is the only company I know of that works with customers on over mileage as long as you’re going into another Honda Financial Lease. They are very, very lenient.


Infiniti – 2-month early return program. If you’re being told anything else it’s not true. The Q50, Q60 and QX60 are all very good. Infiniti is trying to push out these QX80’s and offer extra incentives to those who currently drive an Escalade, Navigator, Suburban, Expedition, Tahoe, Sequoia or Yukon.


Jeep – The Cherokee Limited and Wranglers both have great programs! The 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee is better than they were in March but still not as good as the 2018 models.

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Lexus – Lexus is offering a 3-month pull forward program for any Lexus customer looking to get out of their Lexus early and into a new Lexus. The IS, ES, NX, RX, and GX all have good programs.


Land Rover/Range Rover – I will continue to say this… Most of these dealers are thieves. I highly recommend checking the prices with us before finalizing on a new deal.


Lincoln – Love the look of the Navigator but its expensive. Looking forward to the Aviator coming out but a little afraid of the pricing.


Mazda – The CX-5 and CX-9 both are offering great lease and purchase incentives!



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Mercedes – 3-month early return program! C-class, E-class and GLS450’s all continue with strong programs.



Nissan – Programs are still going strong for the Rogue & Altima. Stay away from the Maxima – it’s cheaper to get an Infiniti Q50!


Subaru – Great value, Great leases & Great finance offers.


Toyota – Camry & Highlanders are both running great programs.


Volvo – Most models have a 6-month early return program if you’re going into a new Volvo. The great deals on the XC40, XC60, and XC90 all continue from March.



VW – The Atlas incentives continue for April and the SE Tech & SE R-line have gotten even better.


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