You Never Know…

3 years ago the best deal on this 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee lease was $632 per month based upon the terms the customer wanted. Fast forward 3 years later, the lease is up, the 2018 model is more expensive and she’s getting quotes of $32 cheaper per month. Amazing right? It must be the best deal if its 3 years newer, more expensive and $32 cheaper a month!
No, its not…
Would you believe the right price for that Jeep is actually $527 per month? That’s $105 cheaper per month than it was 3 years ago and $73 per month cheaper than the deals she was being offered. She saved $2,628 with a 3-minute phone call and a $97 investment.
Now does this happen all the time? Of course not. But it always pays to double check yourself no matter how good the deal seems!
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