18 Minutes & 95% Sure

Yes, another 5 Series! I definitely think this is the best bang for the buck in my opinion. I decided to go to a BMW dealer that I had never been able to get a deal done with before just to see if my presents in the showroom would be any different than negotiating over the phone or through email. I was 95% sure it was going to work. The first quote was $137 per more than where I expected to be. But within 18 minutes of the back and forth with the Manager I got the exact deal I wanted.

*Just a few hints

– I did this deal on the 2nd of May. So the theory about only getting the best deal at the end of the month shows to be false.

– I know what the numbers are every month on these cars. So when I see the programs are at their lowest for the last 12 months is usually when I decide to get a car for myself. (If you’re looking for a 5 Series, now would be a good time)

– I could have gotten a Mercedes E350 Sport with an MSRP of $2,000 more for $93 less per month. I prefer the way the BMW drives and I see $93 more per month in value over a Mercedes. (Another hint, E350’s are at their lowest now compared to the last 12 months.




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