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Do these prices really benefit anybody? Are they the best deals available? Not even close! At a quick glance, I can tell they’re based on a minimal discount off MSRP. Plus, not every person is entitled to or qualifies for the same incentives. So it’s not possible that everyone is entitled to the same best deal.

The source of these “Best Deals” is I came across the website while surfing google yesterday. After skimming the home page I could tell it was just another website that gets paid by affiliates to generate leads. It doesn’t have your best interest in mind nor does it get you the best deal. One of Real Car Tips main trusted source is TrueCar is presented as a no haggle and never overpay car buying service yet they get paid by dealers and dealers control the pricing. It’s great marketing and they are making tens of millions of dollars every year. But the truth about TrueCar is becoming more public and my prediction is the end for them is near. Check out this article from last week with the truth on TrueCar and why my prediction may be true.

It’s very rare that “Free” information is ever the best information and the theory about getting what you pay for is very true. The odds are definitely against you while buying/leasing a new car and it’s never an easy process if you want the best. My Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Dealer Report® calculates and educates you on the best deal for your situation. It gives you the confidence you need to negotiate the best deal and I offer a money back guarantee.


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