Big Cash in Santa’s Sack




I love the Holiday Season! The last 4 weeks of the year is my favorite and busiest time. The abundance of orders from people looking to capture the best deals of the year, the cocktails, the holiday parties, dinners with close friends and family members to catch up with, my sisters Rita’s 25th Birthday, the smile on my daughters face as we speak of what Santa’s going to bring her and a few more cocktails – LOL! It’s also the time of year when I like to shock people with R-A-O-K. Have you ever seen the look on a waiter or waitress’ face when you double their tip? How about picking up a lunch or dinner bill for a random stranger who looks to be having a rough time or bad day? Paying a bridge toll for the person behind you or a coffee while online at Starbucks (my favorite coffee place). This year if you can, do a Random Act of Kindness for someone. It doesn’t have to be much, it’s not about the amount. But if you can put a smile on someone’s face it’s worth it.

A Lot More Holiday Cash Out There Then Being Shown!


You see the advertisements about the Holiday Credits worth up to $4,500 (BMW), The Winter Event Bonus for $2,000 (Mercedes), Season Sales Event with no 1st month’s payment (Audi) and December to Remember with complimentary 1st month’s payment and some incentives on selected models (Lexus). Is this it? Is this the real deal? Of course not!!

It’s all about the volume at the end of the month. Is the dealer you’re trying to make a deal with going to hit 80%, 100%, 110% or 125% of the objectives numbers set by the area reps? What if the dealer you’re dealing with is only at 80% of their objective instead of 110%? What’s the additional money they have to play with? These volume bonuses start at $500 per vehicle and go up to $7,000, all retroactive to car number 1.

It’s all about knowing what the back door programs are, which dealers are going solely for the volume bonus and what incentives are available and combinable. I am the guy who has all that inside knowledge. You, your family member, friends and co-workers are the people who will benefit from this.

Please keep in mind and share my special offer for this year…. It’s 3 Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Reports® for the price of 1! Just use promo code: Learn – upon checkout to receive this discount. This way you can compare your top 3 choices and know the rock bottom number saving you money and time before heading out to the car dealerships.

BTW, BMW and Audi have the better incentives right now and are probably the best value in my opinion:)



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