1/2/15 It’s Over

ICB Holiday Special!
The Winter Sales Event…December to Remember…The Holiday Event, it doesn’t matter the program name – it all means the same… “Bigger Savings for the Buyer”. But of course you have to know what you’re doing. This is where I come in! Two years ago I gave customers an idea of the best deals I had completed for BMW and Mercedes but not everyone qualifies for the same incentives so it doesn’t benefit everyone. Last year’s special offer was my Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Dealer Report® of 66% off the $97 price (only $33!). Out of all the customers who took advantage of that offer, 3 had the same comment: If I would have known I could have gotten that other model for the same money I would have gone for it…
It’s always nice to know what the competition is pricing out at. If you’re looking for a Mercedes would you want to know what a similar Audi or BMW goes for? What if you could get a Masarati for the same price? Looking for a Toyota, Honda or Nissan? What if the Lexus, Acura or Infiniti was only $10 more per month? Would you want it??
This season’s offer is 3 Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Dealer Reports® for the price of 1! Normally its $188 for 3 reports and until Jan 2nd 2015 its $97 with promo code: Learn.
Why did I pick “Learn” as the promo code? I asked my daughter Jenna what letter she learned in school today. She responded with “L”. I asked her for 3 words that start with “L”. She told me Lucas (some boy who might be in her class but too young to date – lol)! Linda for her Grandma Linda and what I thought was “lawn” or “Lord” but turned out to be “Learn”. I guess it’s too many hours in the gym blasting the country music 🙂
Did you know working for McDonalds or one of 10,000 other companies qualifies you for up to $4,000 more than everyone else when buying a Mercedes? Do you work for one of these other 10,000 companies? You may be working for them and not know… The same applies for Audi, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Cadillac, Ford and a few others.  Don’t miss the boat on easy incentives that you may qualify for! 


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