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ImageWith summer quickly coming to an end, we’ve been trying to get out there and enjoy every nice day, knowing that snow and frigid temps are not too far away. Beach trips, town pool, parks and fairs- we’ve done it all. My daughter started Pre-K last week and my son had his first week of daycare. TJ’s been having “firsts” left and right lately. He’s fast. Showing signs that he’s poised to take over Inside Car Buying sooner rather than later! Hope everyone enjoyed their summer.


Cadillac Chauffeur

GM made a recent announcement stating that they will be introducing a fast moving, self-driving car in 2016. The “Super Cruise” will be introduced in the 2017 Cadillac and should be in dealerships by Summer 2016. The system will use cameras and radar to keep the car at a safe distance from others, and to center the car in a lane. There has been similar technology out in the market recently but none at highway speeds like this. If traffic ahead crawls to a stop, “Super Cruise” would halt the vehicle to a safe stop. To me it sounds similar to planes being on Auto-Pilot on long  flights, except there is much less traffic in the sky compared to I-287 during rush hour! Also what comes to mind is all of the turmoil GM has suffered through the past year with recall after recall. The brand has come under fire for not disclosing ignition problems until the problem was widespread and people were dying in accidents due to the defect. Would you trust this company to create a 100% safe and reliable “hands free” car for you and your family? Interested in hearing your thoughts.


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