Last Year – $16,000,000

One of the most common questions I get from people inquiring about my services is does it really pay to use you on a lesser expensive car like a Honda? I always answer, YES! Do you think Honda dealers don’t make any money? I know they are everywhere but there is a reason for it. Owning a Honda dealer is like having the ability to print money. Do you believe it?

Well one of my customers had forwarded me this article about 2 weeks ago as he thought I would find it interesting –

It was a write up by the Automotive News after interviewing the General Manager of Hillside Honda. The focus of the article is how this dealership values and treats their employees. It definitely seems like one of the nicer working environments for any salesperson in the business. But what really caught my eye was when General Manager touched upon just how profitable they are, stating they average $3,000 per car. He said last year they sold 4,600 new and 800 used vehicles. That’s over $16 Million dollars in profit. Now do you really think you got the best deal on the last Honda you bought or leased?

Think about the bigger picture. There are 15 Honda dealerships within a 22 miles radius of this store located in Queens, NY. Chances are customers shop 2-3 other dealers before getting a new car there. Which means they are hearing the same numbers from their competition while shopping.

Based upon this dealership my Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Dealer Report® will save you $2,903 off the price of your new Honda~


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