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It’s very important to me to always give you advice and tips on how to save money.

Here’s another “Buyer Beware” tip:   A dealership misinformed my client, who was looking to trade-in an “owned” vehicle, and take out a lease on a new one.  He was told that he had to trade the vehicle in to that dealership, in order to get a sales tax credit.  Warning!  There is no sales tax credit in NYS, or the tri-state area, when you go from a retail (owned) vehicle to a leased vehicle!
In NY/NJ/CT, you are not going to pay full sales tax on a leased vehicle, the sales tax is pro-rated.  Other states may handle sales tax differently, so check before a dealer talks you into that trade-in and you may not get the best deal on it!
Come See ICB at the HGAR Member Appreciation Day

The Hudson Valley Gateway Association of Realtors is having a special event on October 21st 8:30am to 4pm at the Double Tree in Tarrytown.  I will be there all day and I would love to have you stop by my booth, so I can meet you face-to-face, and I can help you evaluate your car-buying needs.
This FREE event will feature national keynote speaker Jan Hargrave, the “Body Language” expert, as well as free classes, workshops and a trade show featuring 75 vendors.

NEW THIS YEAR:  A Celebration Cocktail Party, beginning at 4:00 p.m.!  Hope to see you there!

With Information Comes Power…
Don’t be fooled!
Last month, I negotiated a leased vehicle for a client and I stressed to the client that they would not have to deal with any other negotiations.  Just pick up the car.  As in every transaction through a dealership, after you negotiate with the salesman, he turns you over to the Finance Manager.

As I’ve warned you in the past, this is the point when they try to get you to buy packages and options that you don’t need.  My client was told that she didn’t have the credit score to receive the agreed on financing, and the Finance Manager would have to increase the payment by $17/mo.  I told my client that it shouldn’t matter, because her credit score was good enough for that rate.  I coached my client to say, “Thank you, but I am walking out the door.”
Miraculously, without calling the bank, the Finance Manager gives her the original agreed-on price!  I found out later that the Finance Manager was furious! She had negotiated $700 less on the front end, and was trying to make it up on the back end of the transaction. If dealerships don’t want to do the deal in the first place, they shouldn’t do it!
Think about this, what other industry/business model negotiates a deal and then adds more onto the end price to get the number they wanted originally??  By educating my clients, I hope they will be informed and understand how the system works and won’t be fooled by it! 

Take Over My Lease!

Anyone looking for a great lease on a 2013 Acadia Denali?

I leased this SUV back in March for my wife and she really enjoyed it but I like rotating my cars every 6 months so its time to move on. It was a 39-month lease with 12,000 miles per year. So there are 32 months left on the lease with 32,000 miles to drive (1,000 per month).

This Denali has every bell and whistle that was available for a 2013 model and is in excellent condition (MSRP was $52,070). It’s Carbon Black Metallic with Ebony Leather. The lease payment is $492 per month for the remainder of the lease.  To take it over, it’s a $150 credit application fee for US Bank and $500 transfer fee. (I can assure you, you won’t be able to get a deal like this on a 2013 or 2014 Acadia Denali with $650 out of pocket – I can’t duplicate it again no matter how hard I try!) Transfer process takes about 2 weeks.

I usually post my leases on www.swapalease.com and they go within 2 weeks but thought I would send this out to my valued customers first as I know it’s a great deal!

Please contact me a.s.a.p. if you’re interested.


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