It’s Complicated…

After spending a week in the sun down in Miami with my favorites I am fully recharged and ready to continue saving people thousands! Although I was away I did try to take as many phone calls as my daughter would allow during her naps! Two customers really puzzled me, as it probably shouldn’t have because it’s the same story I’ve heard hundreds of times…

It’s always the people who call me and start out the phone call saying let me tell you about my situation but it’s complicated and I start shaking my head. Let me start out by saying if you think it’s complicated there should be no doubt in your mind that you should be using my services. Especially because 80% of my business comes from referrals and do you really think your friend, co-worker or relative who has used my services would steer you wrong? Salespeople sense stuff and use it to their advantage and if you’re telling me it’s complicated I’m sure your telling them the same thing.

Here is what stuck in my mind all last week. A referral called me with her lease expiring within days and is in need of a new car. Someone who just used my services, no surprise, referred her! She starts out with a DIY Report, smart move. She sees my price is $100 better per month than what she already has. I don’t hear back from her so I followed up with her yesterday to see how her shopping is going. She emails me something about it being complicated again and told me she made the deal but she’ll definitely use me on the next car.

I don’t get it… it was $100 per month difference. That’s $3,600 over the term of the lease in savings.  I’m always available to walk my customers through the DIY Report and help them with any questions. Why would someone knowingly spend $100 more per month than necessary? Is money that easy to come by? As I always tell my customers- buy the DIY Report. If you’re not able to get the number on the report, come back to me and I will get you the number you see on the report. Period.


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