It’s not what you earn…

Have you ever heard this before, it’s not what you earn it’s what you save???

Based on the website the average household income between 2005-2009 was $79,585.00 gross. So after paying about 25% in taxes you’re left with $59,688 net. That’s about $1,150 per week in your pocket not including deductions for medical insurance and any kind of retirement plan. On average I saved people about $4,219.00 per deal last year and I think that number might even be a bit light.

Based on the breakdown from my numbers above you would have to work a complete month, and not spend a single dollar to save the same amount of money I end up saving the average customer.

Here’s a great example: A few months ago a couple was referred to me after they had already put a deposit down on an Infiniti. Their neighbor convinced them to call me because he believed I could save them money as I had done for him on his past 3 cars. When they called me the conversation started with them telling me how they chose to buy a new car instead of going on vacation. Even though the Infiniti was a bit more than they wanted to spend, they felt it would be a great car for their family and they loved it. Within a few hours I was able to call the dealership where they had the deposit, re-work their deal, and save them about $3,500 on the same exact car. Needless to say they were thrilled and they were able to go on that vacation.

This couple had no idea before talking to me that there was any profit left in that deal. They spent 2 weekends shopping and went to 3 dealers. Had they not called me, they would have thrown $3,500 away. That’s about 3 weeks pay for the average family and 120 hours of work. I cannot stress the value in my Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Dealer Report® enough; it’s a no-brainer. Knowing the cost of a car before signing on the dotted line is priceless.


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