Today Only

I’m sure you have heard this before while shopping for that new car: “The rebates are only good for today”…” you’re catching the last day of the sale”… “it’s our last one in stock” and so on…

Well guess what, the dealerships and banks will still need to sell cars tomorrow, the next day, week and year. If the so-called “Promo” ends today another one will be out tomorrow or the next day and it will probably be within a few dollars of what it was two days ago or better. As for the last car in stock… Yeah right, because Toyota only made 1 blue Camry this year – LOL!

Don’t feel pressured into buying, its almost guaranteed that you’ll overpay when doing so. I know this one dealer who always (and I mean every single day) answers their phone saying, “Are you calling about our big sale?” The hype of the word SALE will have people opening up their wallets again and again and again.


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