Spoiler Alert – How Car Dealers Make You Feel like They are Giving You the Best Deal

My 12 years spent working as a car salesman in dealerships gives me the inside experience to backup what I want you to be aware of when negotiating for a new car.You walk into the dealership without preparing, just looking!  It is the job of a good car salesman to grab your attention, find common ground or develop a rapport and gain your trust within the first 5 minutes.  They will try to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling, making you think that they will be giving you the best deal.  And most times people will sign a deal with those salesmen and pay too much.  Can you relate to this?Imagine the same scenario, but you have Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Dealer Report® that tells you exactly what you should be spending and where you could negotiate with the salesman.  I have had my clients do this and suddenly the dealers are incredulous that you would have that kind of info.  This is the report that no car dealers want you to have.

Getting the best deal means you have to know exactly what’s in that deal.  Negotiate with apples to apples, for instance:

  • What is the correct MSRP?  You need to make sure you are comparing the same car
  • What is the total out of pocket and the breakdown? (plates, taxes, etc.)
  • What is the interest rate?


These are just 3 of the points that the DIY report will show you.  To educate yourself open the attached sample DIY report for a 2013 Mercedes.  If you have any questions or comments call me or email me.  This is what you would receive if you purchase the report for $97.

If you don’t educate yourself before you go into buy or lease a car, you are guaranteed to pay too much.  I recently spoke with a person who did not use me, ignored my advice to arm themselves with a DIY report and they paid twice what the report would have told them.  Once the deal is signed I am unable to help you.


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