I Can’t Believe What Just Happened

This past Monday I sponsored a booth at the annual HGAR Member Appreciation Day for realtors in Westchester and Putnam County. I think I had a pretty nice set up, couple of banners, nice tablecloth, a few handouts and most importantly; a print out of a DIY Report I did for someone the night before. For those of you who have never been on my website or read any of my blog posts a DIY Report tells buyers exactly what they should be paying to the penny on any new car they’re looking for. Its been called the most useful piece of information a new car buyer can possess by more than a dozen forums online.

I spoke to hundreds of realtors, had a great time and many laughs with Uncle Bruce who helped out for the day and felt like I really educated almost all of them about the new car buying process. I say almost all because 1 realtor has me more puzzled than any inquiry I have ever had. You be the judge…

This 1 realtor really stayed in my head all week. She came over to my table seeking information on what I was all about. I told her a brief description of the business and she seemed intrigued. Then she tells me two days earlier she left a deposit on a new Mercedes E350 sedan and is set to pick it up on Saturday, which would be today. It just so happens the DIY Report I had displayed on the table was for a new E350 sedan. In fact it was the same exact car she was getting this week. After she studied the DIY Report for about 10 minutes she tells me it can’t be correct because the deposit she left on her car is $160 more per month and an additional $900 out of pocket. I tell her she is being robbed blind and if she hires me I will guarantee her a minimum of a $5,500 in savings off the deal she currently has although I kind of know it will be closer to $7,000. She then tells me the salesman seemed very honest and told her the price she was getting truly is the best price. After speaking to her for a few more minutes and trying to convince her that she is greatly being taken advantage of she says she will speak to her husband and get back to me.

I have still not heard from this person and I’m guessing she will be picking up her new car today from what she told me. What am I missing here??? Someone guarantees you to save an extra $5,500+ and you don’t take him or her up on it? I know I live in Westchester but are people really that wealthy where it doesn’t matter?  The only other option I could think of is that the salesperson really knows how to sell his customers and most sales people like that could easily become Emmy Award winning actors.

What’s the lesson in this situation? Always get a DIY Report on ANY new car you buy no matter how good you think the deal is. Whether you’re spending $15,000 or $250,000 on a new car there are many great salespeople out there who know how to run circles around car buyers and make them believe anything.

I was one of them!

Have you shopped at a dealership and dealt with a salesperson who gave a great demonstration of the new car you were looking for, seemed extremely knowledgeable and came across as he was giving you a great deal, only to find out from the next dealer you shopped his price against was $100+ cheaper per month??

Have a great weekend!!


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