No Friends at Dealerships

As my eyes were getting very heavy last night, around 9:30pm, the phone rings. It’s my good friend’s brother- in-law. He says “Tommy, I have my cousin on the phone too, I told him about you and your services. He thinks it may be too late though, he left a deposit on a new BMW X5 today.” I tell him as long as he didn’t take delivery it’s never too late!

Here is the short story…

He shopped for a new BMW X5, got some numbers and told some friends about the car he was about to get. Someone always says they know a salesman who gives the best deals. Turns out his wife knows the salesman and it’s going to be an even better deal now.

Wow! The price is like $100 a month less than the other guy. Seems like a no brainer and orders the car.

Where is the mistake?

It’s the salesman’s best price. Not the customer’s best price and far away from the Inside Car Buying/Tommy Taylor price!

He says but how do you know? You don’t work for BMW. I tell him I eat, sleep and dream cars, prices and programs!

I tell him to get his money back and “Hire Me”. He says it will be awkward because his wife knows the salesman and will feel bad. I asked him how bad he’d feel about over-spending by $4,000 to $5,000. He says he’ll sleep on it????  Now I’m puzzled!

He calls me this morning and Hires Me!

Moral of Story:

Be a smart consumer – buying a car is the second largest purchase you’ll make in your life next to a roof over your head.

Spend $97 on the greatest service ever offered for new car buyers. My “DIY Report”! This will show you whose best deal you’re really getting – The dealers, yours or mine! It seems most people want mine!

Have you had a similar experience?

Ever shopped for a car and thought you were getting the best price only to find out later you didn’t? How do you know for sure that the price you got from the dealer was his best price possible? Share your story below…



1 thought on “No Friends at Dealerships”

  1. Anthony Ippolito

    I dealt with the exact same situation. I priced out a few cars on my own before a co-worker of mine knew of a “good” car salesman. Sure enough I connected with the salesman and he beat all quotes I received on my own by $60 per month and about $800 less out of pocket. Thought it sounded like a no-brainer so I pulled the trigger and picked up the car. Two weeks later a cousin of mine leased the EXACT same car but was paying 90$ LESS than me! Unbelievable…
    I think the DIY report is a no brainer for anyone who wants to lease or buy a car. If i purchased the DIY report I would have known what the payment should have been and found a dealership who would give it to me at that price. I’d pay $97 any day to have the peace of mind knowing what the car SHOULD cost. Next time I wont make the same mistake!

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