Money Saving Tip for June

Secret Repair Selling Technique

One of the most common upsell items in any service department is brake replacement. Look at any advertisement from a dealership or even a quick lube center. They’re looking to get you in the door on the cheapest service they offer dressed up with a lot of free stuff. They show ads for cheap oil changes; “free” brake “inspections” and a 30+-point check.

If you have a late model car (less than 6 years old), its more than likely equipped with a brake sensor indicator. When the brake pads are starting to get low, the light comes on to warn you.

Three step guide:

1) If the light is not on, the pads don’t need to be replaced. Even if the service technician tells you they are getting low and its better to replace them sooner than later before it affects the rotors.

2) From the time the light comes on, you probably have another 2,500 to 5,000 miles you can drive before it starts to affect the rotors.

3) When replacing brakes get 3 estimates. The dealer is usually the highest in price and you can find either a private mechanic or dealer technician to do it on the side for about 40% less.

Here is a common call you may have gotten while your car is at the dealership for a routine service…

“While changing your oil we inspected the car and noticed your brake pads are low. We still have the car on the lift and can replace them for you now instead of you coming back in a couple of weeks.”

What’s wrong with this? Well the brake light wasn’t on when you dropped it off, you haven’t gotten any other estimates and you feel pressured to do it now so its not a hassle later on.

Tip:  Follow the 3 step guide above before making a quick decision – it will save you hundreds to thousands in the long run.


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