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Tommy’s focus is on building his client relationship around trust, something very difficult to find these days.

Where do I start. Tommy Taylor’s skills are by far unsurpassed in negotiations than any person that I ever met. Negotiations are a big part my career in the world of real estate an I can honestly say no one I know can negotiate better than Tommy Taylor.

Tommy’s focus is on building his client relationship around trust, something very difficult to find these days. Tommy has a large following and now after finally leasing my first car understand why this is. If you are going to buy or lease any car this man is the person for you. You would be a foolish not to use his services. Keep an eye on his newsletter on the monthly deals going on as well to steer you in the right direction.

Gino Bello of White Plains, NY
It was the easiest process.

Having never bought a new car, I was expecting a very stressful process. After weeks of research, a friend referred me to Inside Car Buying and I was set. It was the easiest process. I told Tom which car I was looking for and within 5 days I was driving it home. They negotiated the best price possible and I would recommend them to anyone interested in buying or leasing a car. Thanks Tom!

Richard I. Golio, Esq. of Scarsdale, NY
The dealership management was not happy about this deal.

I heard about Tommy Taylor and Inside Car Buying from several friends that have used his car buying services. I bought Tommy’s DIY Reports (3 for $181) in December 2012 and used them to negotiate a purchase of a Mercedes Benz E-Class and it worked out great. Just a few weeks ago, I was shopping for another new car for my Fiancée, so I automatically contacted Tommy for additional DIY Reports. I was looking at the BMW 335IS.

Armed with the DIY Report, I contacted my friend, a car salesman, who works in a BMW dealership in lower Westchester. I was told over the phone that because we were “like family”, I would get the price I requested. I was asking for a Zero down lease plan. My friend agreed, and when I went to the dealership suddenly there were out of pocket charges (tax, title, registrations fees). I was told that “BMW doesn’t ever have lease agreements with zero down.” I felt lied to!

I decided to bluff them and used the DIY Report to put pressure on the Sales Manger to make the deal or I would take my business elsewhere. I ended up with all the upgrades I wanted, paying for less than a bare bones model, and no money down! The dealership management was not happy about this deal.

These two experiences have convinced me that I will use Tommy’s DIY Reports for every car that I buy going forward. I consider it “insurance” to get the best deal. I educated myself using the DIY Report and it proved that the “deal” a car salesman quotes you, has an incredible amount of padding that you can work with. I know so much more about the car sales industry now that I have been working with Tommy. Do yourself a favor and call Tommy and know what “price range” you are working in before you start car shopping.

Chris Cofresi, Westchester County, NY
The car I wanted at a price which was FAR below market value

Leasing a new car is a very stressful process- what if you are not getting the best deal? What if you are missing an option? What if you can get more car for your money at a different dealership or by taking advantage of different programs?

Inside Car Buying worked with me to find the car I wanted at a price which was FAR below market value. They answered my many questions in a timely fashion which allowed me to make an informed decision. I am very happy with my 2011 BMW 335i X-Drive Coupe and would certainly recommend this service to anyone who wants to guarantee the most bang for their buck with the least amount of hassle.

John Carey of Larchmont, NY
Fast, reliable, trustworthy, a pleasure to work with

As a woman, when a salesperson sees you waking into a dealership they try to sell you everything and anything under the sun that you DO NOT WANT!! Not Inside Car Buying! I told Tommy what I wanted and not only did he come back with the best price but did not try and sell me something that I was not asking for. He was fast, reliable, trustworthy, and went above and beyond my expectations. He made my car buying experience so easy and painless. I will recommend him to all my family and friends.

Jennifer Rosario of Mount Vernon, NY
The dealership would’ve ripped me off without Tommy’s help.

I was looking to lease a new car as my current lease was maturing. I did some shopping around. I was getting rates of $355 a month + taxes and other fees for the premium package. Tommy got me the car with the premium package, navigation package, and a few other accessories for $359 a month. The day I was going to pick up the car, he tells me that he managed to drop an additional $20 a month off of the lease, making it $339 a month. This guy is the real deal. I was able to pick up my car within 2 days after paying for Tommy’s services. I’ve told my friends and family about the deal that I got and they’re all surprised on how he got the car for such a low price. I’m recommending him to everyone that I know and I will definitely go through him again when my lease ends on this car.

A.S. of Brooklyn, NY
This service is worth every penny.

Inside Car Buying got me into a fully loaded Mercedes ML 350 for the same price as the smaller engine stripped down X3 I was ready to purchase. And even better, they had the car for me within days. They’re quick, honest, and get the job done! Don’t bother going out there on your own, after years of being on the other side of the deal, Tom is a master at negotiation. This service is worth every penny.

J.S. of New York, NY
Tommy is easy to work with and gets results fast.

I went to my local Infiniti dealer with a set price on my mind that I was not going to budge on and I got it. I was shocked thinking I had negotiated a great deal. I went home that night, told a friend I was buying a new car, he said “just call this guy Tommy and see what he says”. I figured no way, I just got a really good deal. Well, I told Tommy the car I wanted, with all the specs and colors and such. Sure enough Tommy saved me a total $5850 and negotiated a better interest rate. I had the car in my driveway a few days later. Unreal!!! Tommy is easy to work with and gets results fast. I was really impressed. For someone like me that hates the whole car buying process Tommy made it easy and satisfying. The next time I walk into a car dealership will be for test driving and amusement. Thanks again Tommy.

Thomas Vassel of Westbury, NY
I did not have to negotiate, haggle or even be harassed by the dealers.

I was in the market for a 2011 Honda CRV and being told they are in very short supply due to problems in Japan by my local dealer. However they told me to leave them a deposit, trust them and they would get me a car. After a week of them trying I was issued a refund of my deposit and still no car. I was referred by a family member to Inside Car Buying. They were able to find the car I wanted at a price well below my expectations and within 24 hours. I did not have to negotiate, haggle or even be harassed by the dealers. The whole transaction took about 45 minutes of my time and it was a very pleasurable experience.

Glen Sanatar of Purchase, NY
I will never step foot in another dealer again.

I will never step foot in another dealer again, other then to get a quote that Inside Car Buying will end up beating by a mile, and to pick up the car that they end up acquiring for me. Job well done.

D.B. of Scarsdale, NY
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