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The deal I got was beyond my expectations

It was an absolute pleasure working with you. From beginning to end, you were professional, timely and extremely knowledgeable about the vehicle, specs and options. More importantly, the deal I got was beyond my expectations.

I went to several dealers on my own and the offers didn’t even come close to your deal. I thought I would never get the car I wanted. I have purchased many a car in my day, and always walked away wondering if I got a good deal. It has never gone this smoothly. It was like putting in an order and getting exactly what I wanted, at the price I wanted. All I needed to do was go pick it up.

Bill Donnelly of Orange County, NY
Of course I didn’t believe it

After doing extensive research on the 2011 BMW 750LI X-Drive and 6 trips to different BMW dealerships I thought I had the best price on the car I was going to purchase. I did one final search on the Internet and came across the Inside Car Buying website. The “Check Your Quote” service made it seem like anyone buying a car would have to try it. What I like about this service, is that it was free to submit my quote. I got a quick response within a few hours and was told I could save more money. Of course I didn’t believe it. I gave Inside Car Buying a $200 deposit and the next day they sent me a contract from a BMW dealership saving me an additional $2,973.00 off my best price. I was in shock…. I picked up my new car 3 days ago. I must have spent 3 full weekends trying to get the best price only to have Inside Car Buying more than double my discount within a few hours. Next time I won’t even bother shopping. Right to Inside Car Buying we will go!

J.C. of Bronx, NY
They saved me over 10% off the best price I was able to negotiate

Inside car buying made the arduous task of shopping for a car quite easy. I’ve been in sales for over 15 years but never seem to get it right when it comes to shopping for the best price for any of my vehicles. My brother suggested I try Inside Car Buying and it clearly worked. They saved me over 10% off the best price I was able to negotiate for a new Volkswagen and, got me additional features on the car that wasn’t even included in my own negotiated price. Hats off to Inside car buying! I don’t see any reason why I would ever try to buy my own car again.

D. Nicita of Hillsdale, NJ
Tommy makes my life easy.

Tommy makes my life easy. Gets the car I want at the right price and hassle free – a pleasure to deal with.

M. Breit of Roslyn, NY
I will never buy a car without them

My nephew introduced me to Inside Car Buying and I will never buy a car without them. I purchased 2 Mercedes using this service in less than 60 days and my experience was amazing. I saved close to $100 per month on the best price a dealer gave me on a C-Class for my daughter and saved around the same on an E-Class for myself with a considerable amount less due at signing.

I went online, made a request with my wishlist of features and in less than a week I was driving the car I wanted at a price I could afford. To top it off, my bluetooth was not working and to save me a trip to the dealer a representaive from Inside Car Buying came to my office and set it up. Service like that is a rare find and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to save money and get quality service.

L. Ferrentino of Tuckahoe, NY
Thanks…for saving me roughly $5k on my new car purchase

Thanks again to the Inside Car Buying group for saving me roughly $5k on my new car purchase. I would of never known about the discounts and hidden savings without their help.

Chris Rocco of Eastchester, NY
If you want the truth, call Tommy.

Tommy has turned my family into Inside Car Buying groupies. We will never buy another car without their services again. If you want to hear the run around speak to a car salesman, but if you want the truth, call Tommy. He’ll have the price you want in 24 hours and the car in your driveway within days.

Ross P. of Mount Vernon, NY
Don’t be like everyone else and pay more…

After tedious tries to get into another lease, I was referred to Tommy Taylor of Inside Car Buying to get the best price on a new lease. It took him only 2 hours to find the exact car I wanted at the exact monthly price and down payment I was willing to pay. It was a great car buying experience and I would highly recommend his services. He saved me over $3000 on a down payment and took off over $75 on my monthly payments. I will be using Tommy again at the end of this lease. Don’t be like everyone else and pay more when you could save thousands especially in these economic times. Thanks.

Joshua Shapiro of Mount Vernon, NY
Thomas delivers exactly what he promises

Thomas delivers exactly what he promises, a new car at an amazing price. I had been negotiating with two different dealers and got to my best price. Thomas cut my monthly lease payment by 10% over the best offer I could get. Fantastic service!

R. Neustadt of Scarsdale, NY
This service is worth every cent

Inside Car Buying is the ultimate car buying company. Tommy took all the hard work out of car buying. His ability to find the best deals is amazing. Not only did he lower the quote that I provided him on the 2011 Infiniti G37X I wanted, he also managed to get me an upgraded car. I cannot thank you enough for the professional way that you handled my purchase. Tommy managed to work out all the kinks in my deal and stayed with me until the very end of the process. Tommy has a way of making you believe as if it was his money he was spending and not yours. You would be foolish not to have Inside Car Buying help you with your next car purchase. This service is worth every cent.

Joshua Brand of Tuckahoe, NY
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